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Questions about Interbase change views

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Environment is current Delphi 10.4.2

FIreDac working against up-to-date 2021 Interbase


What's the best tutorial or book for developing a Delphi-Interbase change-view based app?


Looking for some simple procedure tips like

a. develop for server first, then add local when design stable?

b. develop for local first, then add network database when design stable?

c develop using change views from the start?


Also, does using change-views carry any db design implications? My normal practice in C/S development has been using a key-cache or Hi/Lo approach with integer keys (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi/Lo_algorithm), but wondering if I need to switch to GUIDS...


Thanks for any help/tips/references


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You can develop your application with a normal schema, and once completed, you can implement InterBase Change Views related subscription definitions, and update your application for those specific use cases. RAD Studio comes with a couple samples that go into further detail how to use InterBase Change Views with FireDAC components for fetching and merging changes to a local database, and vice versa.


You may find this YouTube demo about InterBase Change Views and RAD Studio useful; 



Best wishes,


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