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Adding libraries to a Python embedded installation

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Hi all.

I have a Delphi P4D Windows application that I would to distribute as a single zip file.

I use an embedded 3.8.9 64 bit version of Python in a \python folder of my application , where I have installed numpy and matplotlib, libraries that my app needs to use as well.

If I try to copy the whole application folder, with \python subfolder, in another PC, and run the code where Python try to import numpy, I always get a ModuleNotFoundError : No module named 'numpy'  (matplotlib is the next import module in the script, but Python script aborts on numpy import line, I think).
If I don't try yo import and use these libraries my application runs just fine from the zip file.
I've used Google to search for a hack but no solution seems to help: someone could suggest how to add Numpy (and MatPlotLib, I think this should be the same) to that zip file, so my customer can simply de-zip my installation file and use my Delphi application?


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can you execute matplotlib code  if you use you /python folder and python.exe  inside this folder? 

how are you setting the  reference  to pythonDLL and pythonDLL  path in your application?

I followed the config of Tpythonengine from here  ....   because different PC's have many different python settings / also drives me crazy  ...  to get one application running on different CPUs.

did not want to go for my own python installation to be distributed with my application  .....


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Thank you  Bernhard.
No, I couldn't use the external libraries either way.
Having to use the a different version of Python from any other that was eventually registered, I set the DLL's path on the OnBeforeLoad event of the Engine. 
The problem was only with Python external libraries
Anyway, I found a solution.


1) Follow this StackOverflow answers:

2) I fixed the error, and succesfully imported and used numpy and matplotlib with the embedded version of Python adding



entry to pythonXX._pth file, inside embedded python folder.

Now I have a zip file that I can expand on a generic PC and run my P4D application with numpy and matplotlib plots (as SVG) 😉 






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