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Limited GExperts support for Delphi 6

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A few weeks back something happened with my Delphi 6 installation which now results in an access violation every time I start the IDE. I tried for several hours to find and fix the problem to no avail. It’s not GExperts related, disabling the DLL was the first thing I tried. Now I’m giving up. This will mean that while GExperts will still continue to support Delphi 6 and I will compile a dll with every release (as long as the command line compilation still works), I will not be able to debug and fix any issues.

If you are still using Delphi 6 you are invited to take over this task.


read on in the blog post

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I have similar problems with D6.  I haven't been able to nail down exactly what causes the exceptions on startup though.  Are you saying that removing/deinstalling the GExperts DLL fixed the problem? 


I have tried deinstalling GExperts and the instability remains.  I put it back since it is too valuable a tool for me - and suffer along with many IDE crashes per day.


Most of the exceptions I see that occur upon startup can be ignored.  It sometimes helps to launch D6 as a local administrator.  


Do you have any insight into what the problem might be, other than what you stated in your post?


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I've been using GExperts with Delphi 6 for a long time now, and everything worked nicely so far. I've updated it every time a new version came out, by using your installer (keeping the settings). That was up to version 1.3.18 (included).

The new version, 1.3.20, causes the Delphi 6 IDE to either crash with an error message upon start (when I had the previous GExpert settings) or to suddenly (after a few seconds from starting) exit to desktop with no message at all (that was after I cleared all GExpert settings from the registry). Weird.

I went back to 1.3.18 for Delphi 6, with no issues. 1.3.20 works fine on Delphi 10.4.2 by the way.

I didn't make any changes to Delphi 6 IDE (e.g. no new components). I've had it setup as it is now for quite some time.

I didn't yet try it, but does it seem plausible that it might just work if I compile GExperts myself? I've already read on your blog post that you've hit a dead-end with debugging the issue.


Kind regards

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