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GExperts IDE Shortcut for clearing Parnassus Bookmarks not working

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In Delphi 10.4.2 (Windows 10 x64), I have defined a GExperts IDE Shortcut to clear the Parnassus Bookmarks in the deeply nested menu: View -> Editor -> Bookmarks -> Clear Bookmarks:




The Shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+B.


Unfortunately, the shortcut does not work. I have checked whether there are any other conflicting shortcuts:




I have also checked whether there are any conflicting global shortcuts from other programs. There are none.


What could be the cause of this shortcut not working?


Can anyone please test whether this shortcut is working in his IDE? Thanks for that.

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Interestingly and strangely, while the GExperts IDE Menu Shortcut configuration shows the menu item with the configured shortcut:




... in the IDE itself, the shortcut is missing:







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As you can see in the second screenshot of my previous posting, the items in that sub-menu obviously are created DYNAMICALLY at run-time of the IDE (which is a bad design decision for the "Clear Bookmarks" menu item that should clearly not be created dynamically). That seems to be the reason for the shortcut not working.

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