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need code to receive low memory warning

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I have a delphi app that appears to be crashing due to low memory. How do I define a routine to capture any low memory warnings sent by IOS?

My app is running on IOS 10.4.6 on a 7gen ipad.



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Set an event handler:

  if TPlatformServices.Current.SupportsPlatformService(IFMXApplicationEventService, IInterface(AppEventService)) then

And in that event you will receive the warning:

function TFormMain.My_ApplicationEventHandler(AAppEvent: TApplicationEvent; AContext: TObject): Boolean;
  case AAppEvent of
    TApplicationEvent.LowMemory: ;


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I have added the code and it works, thank you.

Turns out I do not have a memory issue with the app.


Bill B

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