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  1. Cristian Peța

    FastMM 5 Performance

    If someone do have an issue that is possible solved in latest commit why not trying? I can't think that an commit is made without testing first.
  2. Cristian Peța

    FastMM 5 Performance

    Have you checked https://github.com/pleriche/FastMM5/activity?ref=master ? Latest commit is 6 nov. "Handle a potential race condition in FastMM_DetectClassInstance: If another thread frees a block while it is being evaluated as a potential class then an A/V could occur. This indirectly affects other functionality, like FastMM_LogStateToFile." You can download sources if you don't use git to clone repository: https://github.com/pleriche/FastMM5/archive/refs/heads/master.zip
  3. Cristian Peța

    Problema com TEdit Delphi 12

    Windows or something else? You can try to delete .dproj and see if that helps.
  4. Cristian Peța

    Problema com TEdit Delphi 12

    This is all we need to reproduce? Can you reproduce in a small test project?
  5. Cristian Peța

    Windows Arm is still not ready. It is still in the cook.

    Personally I wouldn't buy Windows ARM because incompatibilities. 20 hours without charge is nice but is not a must have for me.
  6. Cristian Peța

    Windows Arm is still not ready. It is still in the cook.

    Apple is giving you no choice. With Windows people can choose and there are not so many eager to embrace this change.
  7. Cristian Peța

    Copy table data between two different databases.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but CopyDataSet doesn't use ArrayDML. Only if speed matters.
  8. Cristian Peța

    Debug for Win64 - blue dots are shifted

    Probably something went wrong with first attempt to recreate dproj file. I tried again to delete it and now debugging works for x64.
  9. Cristian Peța

    Debug for Win64 - blue dots are shifted

    Thank you. In this project I have included units from packages that for sure are not rebuilt for x64. Building the project works because I have included all the files from packages but there are old .dcu files from building the packages. Will try tomorrow to rebuild all packages also for x64. Usually I'm doing this only for x32. I need to debug for x64 because it behaves different from x32 and debugging with messages and so on is so painful and slow.
  10. Delphi 11.3 I have a project that when built for Debug Win64 the blue dots are where there should be but when I run with debugging the blue dots are shifted upwards and do not stop if I put a breakpoint. For Win32 is working as expected. All other projects I tried do not have this issue. First image is before run, second is after run. The blue dots are how they should be but shifter upwards. I tried to delete and recreate again dproj file. Same behavior. I checked and endings are with CR-LF. All units in the project are affected. The shift is more or less upwards somehow depending on the unit size. Same units (files) used in other projects do not have this issue. Issue is linked somehow only to one project. I appreciate any advice.
  11. Cristian Peța

    Thread and free

    The first will not ensure that lTstrings will be freed. I would use the second but with TThread.Synchronize() because Queue() will continue the execution and lTstrings will be freed most probably before it will be used.
  12. Cristian Peța

    Help me to fix compilation error for iOS

    I also had issues with iOS platform in the past and solution was to install MacOS platform too.
  13. Cristian Peța

    Connection to registration server

    Do you have same WAN IP on both machines? There was a case where someone used a VPN internet connection and his WAN IP was from other country and who knows for what this IP was used for and rejected by some server firewalls.
  14. Cristian Peța

    Android app - reading barcodes/QR codes

    Attached. Wanted to try also with Delphi 11.3.1 but something is wrong in my environment because also an empty app do not install (package invalid). No time to dig just now into this. aTestApp.dpr P.S. But nothing special regarding FMX or Android. Just added "..\" to all files and new units to the project.
  15. Cristian Peța

    Android app - reading barcodes/QR codes

    Just tried with Delphi 10.4.2 the demo project aTestApp and is working very nice on Android 13. But dpr do need to be a little updated because some folders moved and there are some new library units not included into the project.