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  1. Cristian Peța

    Delphi 11.1 - a month later

    What about VCL form designer? There are not things too small?
  2. Cristian Peța

    How to deploy a simple Win 32 app with SQLite file

    Then you need to statically link SQLite code in your executable. UniDAC can do this if you set Direct=True. @SwiftExpat does FireDAC is doing the same?
  3. Cristian Peța

    Developing under Windows 11 in a VM not feasible ?

    Just tried in latest VMware 16 Workstation and my Win 11 VM with Delphi works on other machine. No workarounds. TPM installed and VM password encrypted.
  4. Cristian Peța

    Windows Software Development Kit - why?

    That means that without Windows SDK, Delphi is working but you can't build MSIX packages. Or there are also other downsides?
  5. Cristian Peța

    IDE being destroyed by new versions

    This doesn't affect my workflow so I will not report this issue in quality portal. You can either report it or you will have to live with it.
  6. Cristian Peța

    Migrating away from Indy for file downloads

    TNetHttpClient is a component that uses THttpClient internally. If you don't need what TNetHttpClient offers then use directly THttpClient. TNetHTTPClient = class(TComponent) private FHttpClient: THTTPClient;
  7. Cristian Peța

    Olaf Monien's Multithread demo on DelphiCon was nice!

    Is the source somewhere to download?
  8. "On 64-bit versions of Windows, you have two separate Program Files folders. But it doesn’t end there. You also have two separate system directories where DLL libraries and executables are stored: System32 and SysWOW64. Despite the names, System32 is full of 64-bit files and SysWOW64 is full of 32-bit files. " https://www.howtogeek.com/326509/whats-the-difference-between-the-system32-and-syswow64-folders-in-windows/
  9. If your OS is 64 bit and you have a 32-bit service then search an other place like SysWOW64.
  10. Cristian Peța

    Strange exception with "Write of address 00400000"

    Yes, there was some trouble over the 20 years of using it.
  11. Cristian Peța

    Strange exception with "Write of address 00400000"

    Solved. The issue was caused by Sentinel envelope that is applied to the executable. The envelope decrypts and decompress the EXE in memory and is doing a lot of other stuff. The envelope permitted to start the executable but because some incomplete installed drivers I suppose it does not do all the job to restore all what is needed to run properly.
  12. Delphi 10.4.2 I try to understand this exception. I occurs at the app start and this is the only message, then the app closes. It happens only on one machine and the same code but truncated by some IFDEFs (a reduced version of the main app) is working. I suppose that class destructor TDBNavigator.Destroy is called when class constructor TDBNavigator.Create is still looping with FButtonsImageCollection.Add() But what means this address 400000? exception class : EAccessViolation exception message : Access violation at address 76B6C9ED in module 'combase.dll'. Write of address 00400000. thread $4b7c: 76b6c9ed +db combase.dll 00e3c89a +22 WinArhi.exe Vcl.ImageCollection 282 +2 TImageCollectionSourceItem.Create 0054c757 +0b WinArhi.exe System.Classes 6213 +1 TCollection.Add 00e3c965 +05 WinArhi.exe Vcl.ImageCollection 325 +1 TImageCollectionItemSources.Add 00e3d48b +53 WinArhi.exe Vcl.ImageCollection 651 +9 TImageCollection.CreateSourceItem 00e3d576 +2a WinArhi.exe Vcl.ImageCollection 670 +1 TImageCollection.Add 00e3d65a +76 WinArhi.exe Vcl.ImageCollection 683 +2 TImageCollection.Add 00e4f11d +7d WinArhi.exe Vcl.DBCtrls 4188 +3 InitButtonsImageCollection 026cb28d +09 WinArhi.exe Vcl.DBCtrls 4192 +1 TDBNavigator.Create@ 0040b186 +42 WinArhi.exe System 23832 +21 InitUnits 0040b1ef +3f WinArhi.exe System 23907 +14 @StartExe 004140fa +42 WinArhi.exe SysInit 1535 +11 @InitExe 026f025f +0b WinArhi.exe WinArhi 277 +0 initialization 75f7fa27 +17 KERNEL32.DLL BaseThreadInitThunk
  13. Cristian Peța

    Maximum static memory

    If the speed is the problem then I think better to use a profiler and save your time guessing. Using SetLength frequently on a large array is clearly a big one. VTune is nice using https://bitbucket.org/anders_melander/map2pdb/src/master/
  14. I prefer that changing the SQL to simply close the dataset. Then possibly I want to set some parameters. I will open it again when all is ready. But sincerely I always call Close before changing SQL. If this is a documented behavior then it's OK but otherwise this can change anytime. I voted for the last. It's closer to what I prefer.