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  1. Cristian Peța

    Has anyone tried running Delphi on Windows ARM?

    From what I understand from the article it's "the Arm version of Windows". No emulator. But this Windows can run x86 code, like Delphi IDE, most probably using an emulator.
  2. Cristian Peța

    How to kick TDataset to filter record(s)

    Yes, whole dataset, but how match it takes? What do you want to optimize? Do you keep in memory more than some thousands records?
  3. Cristian Peța

    How to kick TDataset to filter record(s)

    DataSet.Filtered := False; DataSet.Filtered := True; Is working for me when using OnFilterRecord event.
  4. Cristian Peța

    Intraweb/MS SQL/FireDAC app Azure deployment problem...

    I use UniDAC and in such a case I would use DBMonitor to see what queries are send to the server. I don't know if FireDAC has something like this but from what I know, if I'm not mistaken, you can see failed queries also in Azure.
  5. Cristian Peța

    Trying to share a text file

    This "image/text/plain" is strange for me. You can try this. This will enable share for image and text. If you need only text delete the "image/* " This setType() will filter the applications that supports that type.
  6. Cristian Peța

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    Then not the memory limit is the problem. I think I had something similar but long time ago I starter to avoid compile and use build almost every time. It is better to wait 10-15 seconds (in my case) than to fight with these issues. If I remember well this started for me about ten years ago when iOS was first introduced as a new platform.
  7. Cristian Peța

    Trying to share a text file

    And what if you omit this line? Intent.setPackage(StringToJString('com.whatsapp'))
  8. Cristian Peța

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    If "Use MSBuild externally to compile" helps then probably you have reached the memory limit. You can see in Task Manager if Delphi is approaching 4 GB limit. I have for example 534 MB after a build of 330k LOC.
  9. To send text you could use this function. If the previous change fixed the issue I suppose this will also fix it without to change anything else. You could also store binary data in AnsiString but I would not do this. It's better to use TBytes for this. procedure TThermalPrinter.SendString(AValue: AnsiString); var SND: TBytes; begin SetLength(SND, Length(AValue)); CopyMemory(@SND[0], @AValue[1], Length(AValue)); LSockect.SendData(SND); // send data to the printer end; And better this in TThermalPrinter.DoPrintBitmap() vTempStr : AnsiString;
  10. If this was the fix then this was a lottery. I was thinking you need to get rid of that SendString() everywhere. At least when you send binary data. And Lo(ABitmap.Width) is binary data. If you want to send text and to be readable in source you can use AnsiString and convert to TBytes. Using String to store bytes is as @David Heffernan would say: perverse.
  11. Here you are sending String converted with TEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes() to TBytes. Why not directly? LSockect.SendData([$1B, 42, 33, Lo(ABitmap.Width), Hi(ABitmap.Width)]);
  12. Why to sleep 5 second? And ShellExecute() doesn't create a child processes.
  13. It's not the best method but I run a batch file with net stop ServiceName net start ServiceName
  14. If you don't have the documentation then at least follow what that article says clearly: " This is because low-level programmers, such as those who designed the ESC/POS language, tend to blur the lines between data types: it’s all bytes at the end of the day." You need to write binary data. Simply don't put binary data in String and convert using TEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes(). This won't help you. But if you want to know I used TBytes.
  15. Cristian Peța

    XML Parsing and Processing

    IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE. I use this also but not enough in some cases. And 64 bit is not yet an option because I don't want both 32 and 64 and there are about 10% with 32bit OS in case of my users. https://github.com/neslib/Neslib.Xml