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  1. Delphi is #7 in the loved languages ranking
  2. Edwin Yip

    Some sort of IPC cross platform?

    Oh sorry, overlooked the MacOS requirement...
  3. Edwin Yip

    Some sort of IPC cross platform?

    I use mORMot for this because calling a method or an interface in another process is just like calling a method/interface in the same process. And the communication protocol can be tcp/ip or named pipes. On process B you define and implement an interface: type ICalculator = interface(IInvokable) ['{9A60C8ED-CEB2-4E09-87D4-4A16F496E5FE}'] /// add two signed 32-bit integers function Add(n1,n2: integer): integer; end; TServiceCalculator = class(TInterfacedObject, ICalculator) public function Add(n1,n2: integer): integer; end; function TServiceCalculator.Add(n1, n2: integer): integer; begin result := n1+n2; end; And you expose it: Server.ServiceRegister(TServiceCalculator,[TypeInfo(ICalculator)],sicShared); On process A, you can now call the above interface served by process B: Client.ServiceRegister([TypeInfo(ICalculator)],sicShared); var I: ICalculator; begin I := Client.Service<ICalculator>; if I<>nil then result := I.Add(10,20); end; More details: https://synopse.info/files/html/Synopse mORMot Framework SAD 1.18.html#TITLE_415 Sample code: https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/tree/master/SQLite3/Samples/14 - Interface based services It's even simpler if you use the so-called "method-based service". Hope it helps.
  4. Edwin Yip

    TMS and CoPilot, and Delphi ?

    It seems that the copilot rest API has been available...
  5. Edwin Yip

    HTML Parser alternative to MSHTML?

    Sounds cool!
  6. Edwin Yip

    HTML Parser alternative to MSHTML?

    Alexander's HCL is excellent and a set of gems, and definitely you can rely on it. Others I've successfully used in the past: https://github.com/ying32/htmlparser (open source, simple but does work depending on your needs). and DIHtmlParser (commercial, it's actually more of a tokenizer, but powerful)
  7. I did compiled and run the demo, but I didn't look any further, so I'm not sure about the performance of search, etc...
  8. Thanks for the heads up, Mike. I removed the fb details from the link in my post, however, it seems that your quoted reply still contains the details :D
  9. Another open source Delphi project worth spreading - a pure Delphi implementation of a rich text editor, like TRichEdit, in BSD license. But be aware - although the classes/methods/vars are well named in English, the comments and documents are in Chinese. So feel free to ignore it if you mind that. https://github.com/59079096/HCView-Pascal
  10. Edwin Yip

    IDE Syntax Highlighter using Tree-sitter

    Hi @laes, thanks for your efforts! In case you didn't know, the CN Pack Delphi extension provides some advanced syntax highlighting: http://www.cnpack.org/images/cnwizards.gif
  11. Edwin Yip

    ZipMaster 1.9x with my minor fixes

    - TZipMaster has a full set of features for writing/reading zip archives, most of the logics are implemented in Delphi, but it relies on a 300+KB DLL for the underlying operations. - TZipMaster supports both 64bit and 32bit Delphi compilers. - TZipMaster supports Zip64 (for zip files larger than 4GB). I edited the readme.md file
  12. Well, I didn't exactly make this, but DelphiZip should be the most feature-rich open source zip component for Delphi, and since 2019 due to a health issue Russell Peters the previous maintainer has stop the maintenance. I fixed several minor issues for the library, but there is no place to submit my changes now (even delphizip.org is down), so I created a github repository and welcome anyone to contribute: https://github.com/edwinyzh/ZipMaster
  13. Edwin Yip

    ScrollBox ScrollBar Mouse Tracking

    Yes, you have to write such code, and such code only works if the scrollbox has the focus.
  14. Edwin Yip

    ScrollBox ScrollBar Mouse Tracking

    Do you want to scroll TScrollBox vertically with mouse wheel?
  15. Edwin Yip

    CPas - C for Delphi

    As I understand it, although it's being released on github, this project is not open source, right?