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  1. Edwin Yip

    Getting Exception stack trace in 2021

    You really have a good memory :D
  2. Edwin Yip

    Getting Exception stack trace in 2021

    Well, well, well, I had that misconception too! While I was puzzled why madshi provides the open source DebugEngine while he already has the madExcept commercial package, but I didn't think too much since Jeroen said so... Maybe people confused by the name 'Mahdi' with 'madshi' the nickname :) I shouldn't have that misconception - because IIRC I asked Mahdi Safsafi and he's a doctor from the Middle-east, while IIRC madshi is in Germany...
  3. I was having the same perception for many many years, until my Win 10 Guest became deadly slow on a Win 7 host. Then switched to VMWare and wow, much "snappy" now! Haven't used Hyper-V though.
  4. Edwin Yip

    ANN: HTML Library 4.4 released

    Amazingly great work, as always! Do you have a list of 'CSS not supported by HCL'? Thanks!
  5. Edwin Yip

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Thanks for the info. Just downloaded AMD uProf and the installer supports Windows 7 (but haven't tried it yet) ;)
  6. And here is the link of the github project: Wasm by marat1961. @Arnaud Bouchez ;) Just in case you didn't know, WASM is a subject of JavaScript that's optimized for speed and cross-platform.
  7. Edwin Yip

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Thanks! And realized it needs Win 10 and above ;)
  8. Edwin Yip

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Another great job done by @Anders Melander (apart from the drag-and-drop component suite)! Another has a download link to the standalone VTune Profiler? I want to avoid downloading the 3.3GB oneAPI toolkit....
  9. Edwin Yip

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Maybe price? ;)
  10. Edwin Yip

    Introducing Delphi Uses Helper

    Sounds very helpful but I'm out of luck with my old IDE...
  11. mORMot never ceases to surprise me ;) Mike, can you share your benchmarking code on github?
  12. Edwin Yip

    Waiting for multiple threads

    No problem. Human's language is sometimes ambiguous, the Pascal language is not, fortunately.
  13. Edwin Yip

    Waiting for multiple threads

    @Dalija Prasnikar, I don't follow your reasoning. As you said, my advise of not accessing a global TEvent variable is to gain flexibility, but not thread-safety - the thread-safety has been provided by TEvent which is a 'sync object'. So I really don't understand why you said the advise is wrong while you agree on the effects of the advise...
  14. Edwin Yip

    Waiting for multiple threads

    I think this the standard and easy way. But don't forget to pass the TEvent object to each threads, avoid accessing any global vars in anywhere including inside the a thread.
  15. Came across TCodeEdit, which seems to be an independently developed syntax highlight editor.