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  1. Yes, the group owner said it's not a setting issue and he's also not sure why... I tried one more time after that and got the same error message. Edit 1: Did you try to request to join that group?
  2. @Vincent Parrett, btw, could you provide some info about how do you implement your web store that integrates with Stripe? It seems that it's self-hosted?
  3. If I understand it correctly, it seems that stripe has the same refunding policy like other payment processor... So doing a sample math: 300 / 2.9% = 10,344, it should be close to the amount you have refunded to your customer, right? if i understand it correctly.
  4. Thanks Vincent. What do you mean by "they (stripe) do not refund the fees when making a refund"? Generally, with other payment processor, they just issue the refund back to the customer and deduct the same amount from your account, and also deduct the processing fee of that refunded order (a small amount).
  5. To be fair, FastSpring started with the position of good support and they did provide responsive support in the earlier years, but just no more...
  6. @Mike Torrettinni, not yet, it's still pending and their console says it'll happen on 16th, we'll see... 2checkout was Avangate I guess? FastSpring's system is actually quite good and stable, I didn't have to ask for support for many years, until this incident. Aside from the goodness, I see two main issues with them - the support issue and they are developing a brand new e-commerce system which doesn't suit my needs at all - I'm using their classical platform. Update on 2020-11-16: I received the payment.
  7. @Darian Miller, it's a private group with 10.3K members. Tried to invite you but got the "There was an issue sending your invite. Please try again." error, no idea what's happening. However, I've reported the issue to the moderator.
  8. I guess you can just hit some button like 'join' or 'request join'? Anyway, tried to first add you as a friend first ;)
  9. @Darian MillerIt's the Delphi developer facebook group I posted the same topic on the same day. Thanks for the email address, I did get response from their support team stating that my next payment will be 16th without any explanation about why my last payment didn't sent. Maybe the delay is because the switching of their payout method (hyperwallet, anyone heard of them before?) , but it's not good since they explained nothing and no response for over 10 days. Not a good sign, but fortunately I use it only for payment - all the license key logic is implemented in my activation server.
  10. Good advise Arnaud. I'll take actions as needed.
  11. This is a cross-post also on the Delphi Facebook Group as I needed info from a broader sources. Anyone uses FastSpring as your payment processor for your Delphi-powered software? They switched to a new payout method last month, and since that I've never received my payment which is overdue by the end of last month. And I've contacted them several times without any answer for over ten days. I'm worried. You know, it's a hard time these days and the delayed payment has had a side effect on my scheduled things, and I'm worried if the payment will happen in the coming 15th (my payment period setup is twice a month). FastSpring started as advertised as 'payment processor with great support' and I'm too sad things become like this. My home-grown activation server has some kind of integration with their system and I don't want to switch the payment processing company yet. Any info is appreciated.
  12. Edwin Yip

    Feature Request for String Paste As

    This is the only one language feature I want to be added to Delphi if I can choose only one. I think it's called multi-line string literals? I think use we should keep using the single quotes, because sometimes we have double quotes in the string when working with html or SQL.
  13. Edwin Yip

    ANN: Sempare Template Engine for Delphi

    This library fills the gap of the missing of a real powerful template engine in the Delphi community. DMustache is good, but it's logic-less. I'm not talking about it's bad - on the contrary, it's good for its use cases, but we need more powerful scripting in other use cases. Had been working with the developer for XE4 compatibility few days ago (initially more modern language features were used), and he was able to quickly get thing sorted out without an XE4 compiler. Really impressed!
  14. Edwin Yip

    Compile code on the fly...?

    IIRC SQLite, Lua-JIT, the new PHP, all achieved good performance by bytecode compiler/executor (JIT).
  15. Check https://github.com/brendangregg/FlameGraph, the flame graph is very very cool and intuitive for showing the details of the performance of the call stacks! Not sure if that technical can be applied to Delphi, it seems to be getting the statistics data from DTrace. @Arnaud Bouchez , it'll be amazing if we can see how our web service methods perform like that :D