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  1. Edwin Yip

    TTabSheet - Set color and remove margin?

    See: https://stackoverflow.com/a/6275161/133516 Also note my comments under that answer.
  2. Edwin Yip

    SynEdit preferred version?

    This is not the correct process as I understand it, you should: - Fork the repository on github web, so you that have your own repository that you can permission to make changes - Clone your forked repository to your local pc - Change the source code as needed (following the contribution rules, if any) - Commit and push your changes to your forked repository - Make a pull request to the original SynEdit2 repository, and wait for acceptance
  3. Edwin Yip

    SynEdit preferred version?

    It seems that the myarmor DelphiSci wrapper is more feature-rich, but as you said, it's for v1.x and it's too old, not sure if it works with the latest version. the InnoSetup version also suffers the same issue. On the other hand, the github DScintilla I posted above works with 4.x (at least the version back in a year or so). Actually the DScintilla wrapper communicates with Scintilla through the SendMessage windows API, so it's quite easy to adopt new features. And don't forget , Scintilla is crossplatform (but not wrapper for Delphi on Linux or Mac).
  4. Edwin Yip

    SynEdit preferred version?

    By active development I mean the Scintilla library, not DScintilla, the delphi wrapper :)
  5. Edwin Yip

    SynEdit preferred version?

    Alternatively, I actually quite satisfied with the result of https://github.com/KrystianBigaj/dscintilla It's a Delphi wrapper for scintilla , which is the editor used by Notepad++ and a lot of others. And it's under active development.
  6. Edwin Yip

    SynEdit preferred version?

    How about not to port it to Delphi, but instead, just wrap it as dynamic linking library for the Delphi program to use?
  7. Edwin Yip

    SynEdit preferred version?

    Maybe someone port https://github.com/Alexey-T/ATSynEdit to Delphi? ATSynEdit seems to have a lot more features, including the multi-cursor feature, with active development currently for a long time.
  8. Edwin Yip

    SynEdit preferred version?

    I'm using the official SynEdit github repository, it seems that it supports Chinese characters?
  9. Edwin Yip

    New FastCGI for Nginx in Delphi

    Today I discovered a new FastCGI implementation for the Ngix web server in Delphi and think I'd share it with you: https://github.com/kylixfans/FastCGI PS, I didn't make this - it's by my fellow countryman, but I guess here is the best sub-forum to make such a post?
  10. Edwin Yip

    Can Rio and Sydney co-exist?

    Sure, why not? The two are located in different continents ;)
  11. Edwin Yip

    Experience/opinions on FastMM5

    @Arnaud Bouchez ,you are so damn fast man! A memory manager in less than 3 days? Unbelievable! A new MM (fastMM5) for Delphi and a new MM for FPC. Wow! The Pascal community is getting better and better :)
  12. Edwin Yip

    Experience/opinions on FastMM5

    And right after this discussion, Mr. Arnaud Bouchez, author of mORMot, just released a new memory manager for FPC (both Windows and Linux) based on FastMM4! http://blog.synopse.info/post/2020/05/07/New-Multi-thread-Friendly-Memory-Manager-for-FPC-written-in-x86_64-assembly I kinda feel that the new release of FastMM5 and the consequent discussions stimulated him to take the challenge ;) Is it so, @Arnaud Bouchez ?
  13. Edwin Yip

    How to change display name?

    Thanks, there is no 'Change' link next to Display Name. Will PM Daniel now.
  14. I checked bot the Profile and Account section but failed to find a way to change my display name. Thanks.