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    ANN: StyleControls VCL v. 4.79 is released!

    See by evidence, StyleControls and the developers behind it are just great. I requested a new feature and they implemented it. See the email attached. And such things have been happened many times ;) I'm not associated with almdev but just a satisfied customer :)
  2. Edwin Yip

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    Thanks! Yes, Blend, Merge and Combine, these are the most confusing part!
  3. Edwin Yip

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    @Anders Melander, I agree, and I appreciate the versatility , flexibility and performance provided by gr32! In addition to the alpha compositing link, would you list other low level principles required to better use GR32? Thanks!
  4. Edwin Yip

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    And I greatly appreciate that!
  5. Edwin Yip

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    @angusj, thanks for the very informative reply! Can somehow Image32/Graphics32 work together, for someone who mainly uses gr32 but needed a feature from Image32 but missing from gr32? If not, do you have such a plan in the future?
  6. Edwin Yip

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    Aside from the insightful info, wow! This is my new year gift. I have been using the gr32 group as the main reference many years ago but somehow I lost the access and my local copy, and somehow the server set in my Thunderbird was wrongly set to gr32.org instead of the correct one - graphics32.org, not sure what happened, maybe there was an domain name change or something like that... Now I'm downloading the 13,000+ threads to my local computer to keep the archive ;)
  7. Edwin Yip

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    It's Angus's decision and he can do whatever he wants...Although I also wished he continued with gr32... No, I didn't, you must evaluate them and make the choice... sourceforge.net is a collaboration platform and anybody can contribute. I know nothing about if Angus is tough or not :D
  8. Edwin Yip

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    I haven't checked Image32 in depth, but I compiled and run all the demos and glimpsed the documents, here is my incomplete initial feeling: While not as feature-rich as gr32, Image32 already includes a solid foundation for imaging viewing/blending/manipulation, polygon drawing, text drawing, and so on. IIRC one of the demo which allows mouse drag-and-drop to resize/change perspective and it's more responsive than a demo of gr32 (note, this doesn't imply it's slower for faster, but just a memory of mine...) I want more layer features from Image32... Just FYI.
  9. Edwin Yip

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    FYI: I've asked Angus Johnson the author of Image32 the why he started Image32 instead of contributing to Graphics32, he pointed me to a public page which had the answer (but no longer exist): he had been contributed to GR32 for many years, and later concluded thta since the code base of GR32 is huge and he'd move faster by starting everything new.
  10. Edwin Yip

    Free EurekaLog license drawing

    Took the survey :)
  11. Edwin Yip

    smooth scaling of bitmaps

  12. Edwin Yip

    Updated Community Edition

    I think you are right. I've seen more new open source projects appear on github since the first CE edition. The CE edition should be aiming at keeping Delphi alive and payback in the future, not to generate short-term revenue.
  13. Edwin Yip

    How create a website whit Delhpi

    Yes, those are really good Delphi guys ;) It's their endeavor, but not Delphi's ever-increasing licensing fees, that drives the prosperity of the Delphi community ;)
  14. A new SVG rendering option: Free Pascal wrapper for ReSVG.
  15. This is a cross-post also on the Delphi Facebook Group as I needed info from a broader sources. Anyone uses FastSpring as your payment processor for your Delphi-powered software? They switched to a new payout method last month, and since that I've never received my payment which is overdue by the end of last month. And I've contacted them several times without any answer for over ten days. I'm worried. You know, it's a hard time these days and the delayed payment has had a side effect on my scheduled things, and I'm worried if the payment will happen in the coming 15th (my payment period setup is twice a month). FastSpring started as advertised as 'payment processor with great support' and I'm too sad things become like this. My home-grown activation server has some kind of integration with their system and I don't want to switch the payment processing company yet. Any info is appreciated.
  16. Yes, the group owner said it's not a setting issue and he's also not sure why... I tried one more time after that and got the same error message. Edit 1: Did you try to request to join that group?
  17. Oz-SGL is a new generic collections library written by github user marat1961, and I'm trying to add backward compatibilities for earlier versions of Delphi compiler. I'm just not sure if it also has the drawback of the EXE bloatness described by @Eric Grange here: https://delphisorcery.blogspot.com/2014/03/why-delphi-generics-are-annoying.html Anyone else with some low-level code experience want to review it?
  18. @Vincent Parrett, btw, could you provide some info about how do you implement your web store that integrates with Stripe? It seems that it's self-hosted?
  19. If I understand it correctly, it seems that stripe has the same refunding policy like other payment processor... So doing a sample math: 300 / 2.9% = 10,344, it should be close to the amount you have refunded to your customer, right? if i understand it correctly.
  20. Thanks Vincent. What do you mean by "they (stripe) do not refund the fees when making a refund"? Generally, with other payment processor, they just issue the refund back to the customer and deduct the same amount from your account, and also deduct the processing fee of that refunded order (a small amount).
  21. To be fair, FastSpring started with the position of good support and they did provide responsive support in the earlier years, but just no more...
  22. @Mike Torrettinni, not yet, it's still pending and their console says it'll happen on 16th, we'll see... 2checkout was Avangate I guess? FastSpring's system is actually quite good and stable, I didn't have to ask for support for many years, until this incident. Aside from the goodness, I see two main issues with them - the support issue and they are developing a brand new e-commerce system which doesn't suit my needs at all - I'm using their classical platform. Update on 2020-11-16: I received the payment.
  23. @Darian Miller, it's a private group with 10.3K members. Tried to invite you but got the "There was an issue sending your invite. Please try again." error, no idea what's happening. However, I've reported the issue to the moderator.
  24. I guess you can just hit some button like 'join' or 'request join'? Anyway, tried to first add you as a friend first ;)
  25. @Darian MillerIt's the Delphi developer facebook group I posted the same topic on the same day. Thanks for the email address, I did get response from their support team stating that my next payment will be 16th without any explanation about why my last payment didn't sent. Maybe the delay is because the switching of their payout method (hyperwallet, anyone heard of them before?) , but it's not good since they explained nothing and no response for over 10 days. Not a good sign, but fortunately I use it only for payment - all the license key logic is implemented in my activation server.