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What's the equivalent of this ?

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What's the equivalent of this code in C# ?

procedure FetchFromIStream( myStream : TStream ; myIStream : IStream ) ;
   TOS : TOLEStream ;
   TOS:=TOLEStream.Create(myIStream) ;
      TOS.position:=0 ;
      myStream.position:=0 ;
      myStream.copyFrom(TOS,TOS.Size) ;
      myStream.Position:=0 ;
      TOS.position:=0 ;
   End ;
end ;


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Posted (edited)

There isn't one, at least not natively.  You would have to write your own wrappers, either to wrap a myStream inside of an IStream and then call myIStream.CopyTo(), or else wrap myIStream inside of a System.IO.Stream and then call myStream.CopyTo().


A simpler way is to just call myIStream.Read() and myStream.Write() in a loop until there is nothing left to read from myIStream.  No wrappers needed, just a local byte[] array.

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