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Debug Configuration Manager for the Delphi IDE

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Hi everyone,


Last week I made a Debug Configuration Manager for Delphi.


It is a tool to allow for lists of debug configurations (Host App, Parameters, Work Directory, Environment Variables) to be easily managed in the IDE and be applied to an active project. It is also project aware, so the configuration settings are managed and persisted on a per project basis.


I have not released this publicly yet, but attached is a short video demonstrating how it works.


If you are interested in accessing it, please send me a mail: conrad.vermeulen@gmail.com


I'll provide more information when it is officially released.






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Thar is very useful !


One question though, what are the supported IDE versions ?

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I've only tested it on 10.4 Sydney so far.


Let me know which Delphi versions may be of interested and I can look building for that.


I think I have access from XE8 onwards.




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