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Can DebugEngine work without a .map file attached?

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I read here on DelphiPraxis that the correct way to get a stack trace for anything is just to extract the stack addresses and translate those back to function names on the developers machine. I could achieve this with the suggestion here and with a custom .map file parser I can get the function names back but unfortunately there's too much trash. I also don't really understand this area, my parser was built by trial-and-error... better to let the experts handle this kind of thing.

I know I could alter how DebugEngine actually displays the stack trace but it still needs a .map file (right next to the .exe or integrated as .smap) which is not just making it easier to attack the executable but easily adds ~40% to the size.


I guess the question is... does DebugEngine support this already and if no would it be complicated to implement it?

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IDK what DebugEngine is but you could get stack trace in the form of addresses and send it from client. Then, having .map for the exact binary version, you can translate addresses to function names

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