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Henry Olive


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I wish everyone a healthy day.
I have a Master-Detail tables (Components : SQLDataset+DSProvider+ClientDataset+D.Source)

2 table's comman field is ID field, Detail Table Primary Keys are ID,LINENO,

In my Detail table i have a SQL Command  *w/o any ORDER BY clause*

But i want to show the detail table's datas in a DBGrid with sorted (ITEMNO)

Even though SQLDataset's  SortFieldNames=ITEMNO but it doesnt sort

How can i show detail table's data in a dbgrid with ITEMNO sorted

**without add CommandText  ORDER BY ITEMNO  clause.**

(P.s : If i add commandtext ORDER BY ITEMNO it works )

Thank You

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I solved the problem

I wrote just ITEMNO in the sortfieldname instead of OD.ITEMNO

( SortFieldName requires field name *with Alias* in the CommandText)

Thank You

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