Not at present, deploying iOS apps for App Store configuration with Xcode 13 is currently broken:   One solution is to revert to Xcode 12.5.1. Another is to use a workaround I have created, however it requires installing at least Mosco 1.2.1 (a macOS app):
Workaround steps: Install at least Mosco, and Codex if using the workaround from Delphi Build/Deploy your app using App Store config (which will "fail" with Xcode 13) If using the workaround in Delphi itself, in Project Manager, right click the root node of the project and click "Build IPA". 
If using the workaround in Mosco, click the Mosco icon in the system bar to bring up the menu, click Fixes > Build App Store IPA. Select the app from the ~/PAServer/scratch-dir/[username]-[profile]/ folder and click Build Links to installers:    
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