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How to install TWM Delphi Help Expert in Delphi 11 Alexandria

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Thomas has engineered a helpful Delphi Help Expert that allows you to configure various options for different F1 key-combinations:




But since there is no package for Delphi 11 Alexandria yet, I instead loaded the DelphiXx103 package in Delphi 11 Alexandria. And since this package is not configured for Delphi 11 Alexandria, I had to add this compiler configuration in \src\u_dzWelcomePageHandler.pas:

{$IFDEF VER350} // Delphi/RAD Studio 11.0 Alexandria
  MajorVersionNumberChar = '28';

After this, the package can be installed in Delphi 11 Alexandria.


The configuration dialog is somewhat hidden in this submenu:





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The text size in the configuration dialog is very small on my VeryHighResolution monitor, so I changed the layout manually from StoneAge®to make it look a little bit more like 21stCentury®:




If somebody wants to use this layout, here is it:





I made a test with the Delphi Praxis Reference URL: Unfortunately, here it works only with SHIFT+F1, CTRL+ALT+F1 - not with the other key-combinations.


I made a test: procedure TF1Help.CallCtrlF1 in u_Delphi7HelpForBds.pas is never being called when pressing CTRL+F1.


Does this mean that BindingServices.AddKeyBinding does not work for ssCtrl?


So I tried to find out whether the AddKeyBinding functions get back different results for CTRL and SHIFT:

  var rCTRL := BindingServices.AddKeyBinding([Shortcut(VK_F1, [ssCtrl])], CallCtrlF1, nil);
  CodeSite.Send('AddKeyBindingCTRLResult', rCTRL);
  var rSHIFT := BindingServices.AddKeyBinding([Shortcut(VK_F1, [ssShift])], CallShiftF1, nil);
  CodeSite.Send('AddKeyBindingSHIFTResult', rSHIFT);

But strangely they both report True:






Since I run my Windows in a Parallels Virtual Machine on a Mac, a preconfigured macOS keyboard shortcut (^F1 = CTRL+F1) blocked the CTRL+F1 shortcut in Windows. So I have deactivated this shortcut in macOS. Now CTRL+F1 works smoothly in Delphi Help Expert!

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