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Dany Marmur

I find the Ctrl+F MRU handling hideous (rant + question)

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For example, i just removed a set of an enum. I suppose it's not uncommon to do something like:

TMyType = ( mtA, mtB, mtC );
TMyTypes = set of TMyType;

Before removing the TMyTypes declaration, i quickly search "project group" to make sure* it is not used.

Then i put the cursor on TMyType in order to go down to the first occurrence in the unit, but the MRU handling puts "TMyTypes" there instead.

So i go... what?! That cant be right. I open VC and use the search there and of course there are matches.

It is ultimately a problem of eye-sight, this was not a problem for me when i had vision or when the screens were XVGA (or some such, don't remember).


Is there a QP ticket already? Apologies, but i do not feel at home searching there (unrelated issue). I would vote to have a Ctrl+F press take the text under the cursor verbatim. Or perhaps some plugin of some kind? I'm on 10.4.2.


* I have low trust for the IDEs search capabilities. I often switch to VC to do better searches. And in this case there will be a compile error.

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There have been almost 8 weeks between the report (Priority: Major) and the release. Just sayin...

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