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"filtering" FDBatchmove

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The goal, I have a text file with words and I want to export in a FDMemTable words with length between 4 and 12 ?

I don't know how to get the value in onWriteRecord event, is there a way to ?

I can get the value in the OnWriteValue one but fired after onWriteRecord it's unusefull.


Any hints (not involving a localsql DELETE)

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OK, found it! I need mappings and then my "filter" works

procedure TDataModule2.FDBatchMove1WriteRecord(ASender: TObject;
  var AAction: TFDBatchMoveAction);
var m : String;
accept:=(Length(m)>=4) AND (Length(m)<=12);
if not Accept then AAction:=TFDBatchMoveAction.paSkip;

My file text need a first line =column definition. I just have an encoding problem to solve (attached my file) 

and as you can see on image I have some problems  like these zygopétale, zygopétales





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