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regular expressions split text with different options

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I need  to  extract a word from a text  file,  the word is defined like 

MyWord (  ......... .    );   

MyWord(      .....) 

MyWord ; 



Can I extract MyWord with one regex expression or do I need 2 spilt lines of code and compare ? 


list := TRegEx.Split(Input_Text, '(' );

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From what you wrote, trivial Pos('MyWord', s) will do the job. Or you should define conditions more strictly. What could be inside brackets? What chars MyWord contains? You seem trying to extract function calls from a source file. Don't forget about comments if they're allowed

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MyWord is the string i want to extract, in the brackets come a list of numbers  or strings 

LongList ( 1,2,3,4,5)

Towns ( Paris, London, NY,  Berlin)



later I also need to extract the  text between the brackets  and need to port this code  to delphi 


txt = "Town (my) simple test";
reg = /((.*))/;
Ausgabe = txt.match(reg);




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