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DEC V6.4.1 released

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Good news: DEC V6.4.1 jsut got released.



What is this?

DEC, also known as Delphi Encryption Compendium is a cryptography library for Delphi and FPC.


What's new in V6.4.1?

This is mainly a bugfix release with these topics:

  • fixed some regression which produced wrong output at least for the 2DES encryption algorithm when used with CBC block chaining kode
  • improved layout and handling of GCM block chaining mode in Cipher_FMX demo application
  • added a new Cipher_Console_KDF demo application
  • fixed and improved the documentation, especially about wrongly written GCM properties


What's the plan for the future?

  1. Have a short rest 😉
  2. Require Delphi 10.1 Berlin instead of D2009 as minimum compatible version
  3. The rest of the plan (which exists) will not be disclosed yet.




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