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Classic problem: "xnet://Global \Local\FIREBIRD"

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Project JasotSVB.exe raised exception class EIBNativeException with message '[FireDAC][Phys][FB]Unable to complete network request to host "xnet://Global\Local\FIREBIRD".'.

The internet didn't help me.
The paths are right. I shut down the server. FB ver 3.0.7. My program settings:

  dtmdBasic.fdfbdrlnkFoc.VendorHome := '';
  dtmdBasic.fdfbdrlnkFoc.VendorLib := '';
  dtmdBasic.fdfbdrlnkFoc.VendorLib := VendorDir;
  dtmdBasic.fdfbdrlnkFoc.Embedded := FCertificate.IsEmbedded;  //  True

  Connection := dtmdBasic.conFB;
  Connection.Connected := False;
  Connection.LoginPrompt := False;
  Connection.Params.Add('CharacterSet = csWin1250');
  Connection.Params.Database := FBasicDir.UserDataDir + FFileName;
  Connection.Params.DriverID := 'FB';
  Connection.Params.Database := 'Password = masterkey';
  Connection.Params.Add('Port = 3050');
  Connection.Params.Add('Protocol = ipLocal');
  Connection.Params.UserName := 'SYSDBA';


I'm putting it here because FireDAC.

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