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  1. Stano

    FDquery LoadfromFile

    DBGrid nepoužívam. Neverím, že ak pustíte DataSet do DBGrid, automaticky to uloží do DB. To by bola obrovská chyba. Môj pohľad na problém: Načítavate údaje zo súboru Vložíte ich do DBGrid Pracujete s DBGrid Ukončili ste DBGrid Nikde som si nevšimol: Načítavam dáta zo súboru - načítané dáta uložím do DB! Musíte to urobiť sami DBGrid to sám od seba neurobí I looked at the link. I understand that it only works with the file. Not with DB. But I don't know English and my knowledge is poor.
  2. Stano

    FDquery LoadfromFile

    For example, a separate query of type "INSERT INTO"
  3. I would proceed differently. I would save the PK and then use it to set up the record.
  4. Please use English here as a rule. It's an English forum.
  5. Stano

    Parnassus Bookmarks: Clear All Bookmarks?

    But it also removes all Bookmarks in all open files !!! That's why I pointed this out.
  6. Stano

    Parnassus Bookmarks: Clear All Bookmarks?

    Notice the tab below "Open Files"
  7. Stano

    Parnassus Bookmarks: Clear All Bookmarks?

    View -> Tool Windows -> Bookmarks
  8. Stano

    Parnassus Bookmarks: Clear All Bookmarks?

    I always have this window displayed. There's a button for that.
  9. Stano

    Access violation mmx_bds22.dll

    OK. I had to restart the project because of that. MMX has stopped working. Minimum formatting uses. If that happens again, I'll let you know.
  10. When compiling your own component (EurekaLog): Access violation at address 179598A9 in module 'mmx_bds22.dll'. Read of address 006F004A. Everything continues to run.
  11. Stano

    Alexandria MSBuild error

    Ctrl + C should be tried everywhere. This way you can also copy the content of some windows (ShowMessage ...)
  12. Stano

    Alexandria MSBuild error

    Um, all notifications or messages can be copied.
  13. I translate it the same way. Again, my inattention got a non-English text there
  14. zaujímavé. Môj DataModule je čierny. všetko vidím. Formuláre sú "biele". Skontroloval som svoje nastavenia a nenašiel som nič zvláštne. Translation: interesting. My DataModule is black. I see everything. The forms are "white". I checked my settings and found nothing special.
  15. Stano

    Deployment Android apk

    Basic rule: put your code here. Otherwise they can't help you.