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  1. Just to be sure, I quote: Refactoring teaches us how to modify existing not very happily designed programs so that we get programs that will do the same, but their new design will allow easier maintenance and modifiability, thus significantly reducing costs ... Power-hunting does not fall within this definition. Other reasons given by you yes.
  2. The reason for your action is not stated in the topic of the topic. I'm convinced that a lot of people here think you're dealing with stupidity. I needed to pull out the topic names for TMS. I used Copy ().
  3. Stano

    Class tree utility released

    Hm, error 404
  4. Stano

    Format uses clause

    Excellent. I missed it, I didn't notice. He didn't understand.
  5. Stano

    Format uses clause

    I used Format uses clause. I would like FireDAC.xx.yy to form a separate group as a System.xx, Vcl.xx and etc. That there is them FireDAC.Comp.Client, BasalForm, FireDAC.Stan.Param, FireDAC.Comp.DataSet, FireDAC.Stan.Intf, FireDAC.Stan.Option, FireDAC.Stan.Error, FireDAC.DatS, FireDAC.Phys.Intf, FireDAC.DApt.Intf, FireDAC.Stan.Async, FireDAC.DApt,
  6. I knew that something like that. I just didn't find it.
  7. Personally, I do not use DBGrid. There are always some problems with them. I use VirtalStringTree.
  8. I found a problem. It's in DBGrid. I threw away his DataSource and at the end Button1Click DBGrid1.DataSource: = dsQryItemReceita; It goes immediately.
  9. Um, it's programmatic. the data was displayed in the DBGrid in about 20 seconds. But something was still going on there. I canceled it after a minute This cycle runs relatively quickly for 6 seconds for I := 1 to 20 do begin qryItemReceita.Append; qryItemReceitaID_ITEM_RECEITA.AsInteger := I; qryItemReceitaID_PRODUTO.AsInteger := I; qryItemReceitaQUANTIDADE.AsFloat := 1; qryItemReceitaDESCRICAO_PRODUTO.AsString := 'PRODUCT ' + I.ToString; qryItemReceitaPRECO.AsCurrency := 2.00; qryItemReceita.Post; end; Here it hangs those 20 sec qryItemReceita.First; while not qryItemReceita.Eof do begin qryItemReceita.Edit; qryItemReceitaVALOR_DESCONTO.AsCurrency := qryItemReceitaVALOR_DESCONTO.AsCurrency + 0.1; qryItemReceita.Post; // This action takes about 3 seconds during the first cycle. At 20 cycles of 10 sec! qryItemReceita.Next; end; Try converting both cycles to batch processing (DMArray)
  10. I used Firebird- files. Insert TFDPhysFBDriverLink on the form and enter VendorLib on the given files. He keeps reporting the same mistake to me. I do not know why.
  11. Stano

    Help with Sql

    ...sum(amount)... Group by customer having sum(amount)= 0
  12. I'm missing TFDPhysFBDriverLink and TFDGUIxWaitCursor. I don't know if it will help. I can't try it. I have FB v3.07 Project Project1.exe raised exception class EIBNativeException with message '[FireDAC][Phys][FB]unsupported on-disk structure for file D:\DOKUMENTY\Z INTERNETU\TEST\TEST.FDB; found 11.2, support 12.2 IProvider::attachDatabase failed when loading mapping cache'.
  13. Stano

    Abandoned components?

  14. Stano

    FireDAC: Need help understanding "ConnectedStoredUsage"

    Such things are basically done programmatically. This will give you full control over them.