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  1. I tried to do it. I had a problem that I always needed a different component. I solve it using case .. of. In a separate class.
  2. Even those who know Slovak did not understand I already have a solution. The topic is closed to me. Thank you all for your willingness to help me.
  3. I have several events that are identical in content. I only use a different component there every time. In the example, I have dbmlmnsrMultiMonth. And I want to use this event for other components that do the same thing. Only with another dbxxx. . So now I have 10 x SpineditxxxChange. And I want a single SpineditxxxChange event! Every time I need to get the right dbxxx component there.
  4. Stano

    Recursive S.Proc

    I'm just guessing that instead of Sum () you want to have the product AAA.QTY * AAA-1.QTY
  5. Well thank you. I was hoping to do it with some trick.
  6. MyClass - is my class I want to create DBSource - some method with parameter (AIndex: Integer). According to the parameter returns for example TSpinEdit, TPanel ...
  7. procedure TfrmPlannerRole.advsedDayScaleChange(Sender: TObject); var SpinEdit: TAdvSpinEdit; begin SpinEdit := TAdvSpinEdit(Sender); MyClass.DBSource(5).Top := SpinEdit.Value; // TPanel end; procedure TfrmPlannerRole.advsedDayScaleChange(Sender: TObject); var SpinEdit: TAdvSpinEdit; begin SpinEdit := TAdvSpinEdit(Sender); MyClass.DBSource(3).Value := SpinEdit.Value; // TSpinEdit end; Perhaps the examples will explain.
  8. I'm aware of that. Even that it always has to be only one kind / type! That's why I used the term "components" to indicate what I really want. It should always be returned to a different type.
  9. I'm trying to create a class that returns different types of components. Specifically, it is a TMS TDBxxSource for TDBPlanner. All are descendants of TDBItems. Use for example in SpinEdit, which would serve all TDBxxSource. There is a separate SpinEdit for each TDBxxSource. I only want one OnClick event for them. The class must return, according to the index, the specific TDBxxSource. Not TDBItems, because I would have to cast it in OnClick. This is nonsense. The class would lose its meaning. Example of use procedure TfrmPlannerRole.advsedDayScaleChange(Sender: TObject); var SpinEdit: TAdvSpinEdit; begin SpinEdit := TAdvSpinEdit(Sender); MyClass.DBSource(5).VariousTypes := SpinEdit.Value; end; Originally at https://forum.delphi.cz/index.php/topic,17355.0.html There is silence.
  10. Stano

    Minor display issue

    MMX window will appear in Design when using the "Copy Selected Component`s name fo Clipboard" button.
  11. Compilers generally try very hard if they find a bug. Then they don't know when to stop. D10.4 has made significant progress in this direction. The number of reported errors is several orders of magnitude lower. Even so, it is recommended to believe only the first mistake and ignore the others. I wouldn't make it a science.
  12. Stano

    Problem with clearing ADO Tables

    Could you give it a rest with the formatting? Your posts are hard enough to tolerate without it. Highlighting important parts is fine. Even pictures! But using a large font for almost the whole topic is no longer okay.
  13. Stano

    Problem with clearing ADO Tables

    I assume that reference integrity is defined in the DB. I think AV is the wrong term used. Each correct DB raises an exception, not an AV, in the event of an integrity violation, which must be handled. I know two basic ways to deal with emptying tables. 1. Empty tables from the lowest level to the next. In terms of referential integrity 2. Use DeleteCascade when defining reference integrity.
  14. Stano

    Customizing source editor

    For what? I use one scheme.
  15. Stano

    Problem with clearing ADO Tables

    I am convinced that tbl1660.Active: = true; and company is completely useless. If you need to update the table, use Refresh. But not where Adocommand is