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  1. I consider this a necessary duty!
  2. I downloaded the free version 2.0 out of curiosity. No message appeared.
  3. Stano

    Select the entire procedure/function?

    I collapse the function/procedure and so seemingly copy "just one" line.
  4. Stano

    Set form in read only mode

    Sometimes it is useful to make a list of these components.
  5. Stano

    DateTimePicker - Set empty date

    If an array of type Date has the option "null" in the DBTable so DTP_STAT_HAND_GRIF_VOL_DOSSIER_OPVR_DATE.Field.AsDateTime := 0;// = strToDAte('30/12/1899') You can set DTP_STAT_HAND_GRIF_VOL_DOSSIER_OPVR_DATE.Field.Value := null;
  6. Stano

    DateTimePicker - Set empty date

    I don't know the Konopka components. But: In the second part of the code (else) you don't have a value for the date Some components have the property "Allow null value"
  7. Stano

    Delphi 12.1 is available

    https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Athens/en/New_features_and_customer_reported_issues_fixed_in_RAD_Studio_12.1 https://blogs.embarcadero.com/announcing-the-availability-of-rad-studio-12-1-athens/
  8. Stano

    Delphi 12.1 is available

    I downloaded RADStudio_12_1_esd_61_7529b.exe. During and after installation it tells me Delphi 12. That doesn't seem right to me. Is it ok?
  9. Several of us have a set value of 120 points. It depends on the resolution of the monitor. At my 3440 x 1440 it's fine.
  10. Stano

    Close current form when opening other form

    I've dealt with this in the dpr unit. I left things around in the demo as well. Maybe they will inspire you in something program MyProgram; {$R *.dres} uses ... subBillingRestEnBloc in 'SubForms\Settlement\Edit billing\subBillingRestEnBloc.pas' {frmsubBillingRestEnBloc}; var LogonForm: TfrmLoginForm; {$R *.res} begin ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutDown := True; Application.Initialize; Application.MainFormOnTaskbar := True; Application.CreateForm(TdtmdBasic, dtmdBasic); oAppEnv := TAppEnv.Create; Certificate := TCertificate.Create; oGlobVar := TGlobalVar.Create(Certificate); try Licence := TLicence.Create; try Licence.CheckUp; try LogonForm := TfrmLoginForm.Create(nil); except Application.Terminate; Exit; end; if LogonForm.ShowModal = mrOK then begin FreeAndNil(Licence); SupObjJson := TSupObjJson.Create; oAppearance := TAppearance.Create(nil); oAppearance.ReadOptions; if oAppearance.IsTMSStyle then oAppearance.SetStylers(oAppearance.StyleName) else begin TStyleManager.TrySetStyle(oAppearance.VclStyle); oAppearance.UpdateToolBarPager; end; IdentificationData := TIdentificationData.Create; try IdentificationData.Make; finally FreeAndNil(IdentificationData); end; Application.CreateForm(TfrmMainFormFOC, frmMainFormFOC); frmMainFormFOC.Position := poDesigned; SupObjJson.ReadForm(frmMainFormFOC); frmMainFormFOC.Show; Application.Run; end else begin FreeAndNil(LogonForm); FreeAndNil(oGlobVar); FreeAndNil(oAppEnv); end; finally FreeAndNil(Licence); end; finally FreeAndNil(Certificate); end; end.
  11. Stano

    Variable not initialized?

    If the condition "if s<>#48 then" is never satisfied, then j is not initialized. immediately after begin, initialize the variable. I use inline var for this.
  12. Isn't it enough to just make it inaccessible?
  13. Stano

    Check if selected row in DBGrid

    It seems to me that you are referring to the Master - detail link. That is handled differently. If it is something else so: the button bothers me a lot I would run the code every time I change a record but the code is time consuming... Which of these applies?
  14. Stano

    Check if selected row in DBGrid

    I kind of don't understand your problem. What are you actually pursuing? If you have only one record then the active buttons in the Navigator will be Insert/New, Edit and Delete. This is to say that you can't rely on the cursor buttons. It is better to work with the attached DataSet. Either it has an active/selected record or it doesn't. If you have something else in mind, then describe it more precisely.