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  1. At first I thought it was TMS
  2. FAST4/5MM ? 4 is free.
  3. Personally, I am very annoyed by this behavior. I see the first line is what I need. I will automatically press Enter and NOTHING.
  4. A Tag can be used for this purpose. Unless it is used for something else.
  5. Stano

    Keep D2006 vs Sydney aligned

    Amateur solution: recursively search the entire form and set the required
  6. If you're bored, do it. Learning is a strong argument You still don't listen to David I personally don't know what he's talking about. The issue is beyond my comprehension
  7. I'd rather describe it again. I was dealing with a bulk write to a JSON file. Previously, I wrote down each item separately. It was unbearable. The acceleration was enormous. From a few seconds to "nothing". All my forms have been closing for a very long time. 5 -> 10 sec. That's when I realized it was caused by an incorrect entry in JSON. I go through the whole form and write to JSON for the affected components. Now only a small adjustment in one place. Forms close immediately. This is unwanted optimization. Maybe I could find profilers. I only mentioned it for variety. I'm not a programmer. I'm just playing with him
  8. You may have noticed my post "unwanted optimization". I knew about the narrowed place. But I didn't know how to do it. I thought that must be the case.
  9. Stano

    Date Sorting Odd

    DBGrid certainly has the ability to customize the data. Use it. Then discard the ORDER BY section from SQL
  10. Again, only from a wise book. I agreed with that. Check everyone enter the routine (arguments) the result sent from the function
  11. Stano

    Macro substitution in Locate

    For me, the question is quite unclear. I tried to give at least some answer. if fdqA.Locate (AFieldName, cPayee), []) then ShowMessage ('located!') else ShowMessage ('Failed!');
  12. Stano

    Macro substitution in Locate

    I created a function for this, which has a field name in the argument.
  13. Stano

    Is Delphi still taught in schools?

    Not me personally. I do not use it. This is stated in the license. There are enough topics in which they have solved this problem. In relation to D10.3
  14. Stano

    Is Delphi still taught in schools?

    Let's look at it through the eyes of a teacher: Will I learn Pascal or C syntax? Definitely Pascal. It's designed for that. Among other things. What do I have available? Since it's a school, it's free! LAZARUS - is handy and does not cause problems Delphi - is a huge hebedo. I have to reinstall it every year That is all.
  15. Stano

    SQL Update Case When

    I looked in the help. The update part is not finished with ";"