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  1. Change parameters and Toggle overload. ver 15.0.28 build 2397
  2. Stano

    I am looking for this guy

    Maybe he's not alive anymore.
  3. Stano

    IBX components - licence

    In the old versions of Dlephi it is stated: "The portion of the Product identified as InterBase is not a Redistributable and is licensed for development purposes only."" I assume this only applies to INTERBASE. Can IBX components be used without restriction?
  4. Stano

    New funcionality proposal

    The Hungarian notation refers to prefixes identifying the type of variable, this is something else. OK. If I use the prefix to avoid collisions with variables, then only "A". So how Lars Fosdal.
  5. Stano

    New funcionality proposal

    Hungarian notation is said to no longer be used in OOP.
  6. When I opened a simple project, previously open, I received an message for the first time in my life. Ver. 15.0.28 Access violation at address 10EA94F1 in module 'mmx_bds21.dll'. Read of address 00730071. --------------------------- [10EA94F1]{mmx_bds21.dll} MMXModCache.{System.Generics.Collections}TList<MMXModCache.TTypeInfoRec>.AddRange (Line 4810, "System.Generics.Collections.pas" + 0) + $A [500647AB]{rtl270.bpl } System.@FinalizeArray (Line 33292, "System.pas" + 98) + $6 [10EA8170]{mmx_bds21.dll} MMXModCache.TLoadedPackagesTypeInfo.DelayLoadPackageInfoUsingExtendedRtti$ActRec.$0$Body$ActRec.$0$0$Body (Line 558, "MMXModCache.PAS" + 2) + $F [5017D2DF]{rtl270.bpl } System.Classes.CheckSynchronize (Line 15449, "System.Classes.pas" + 34) + $A
  7. Stano

    IIF func in FireDAC SQLite Local SQL

    Sources are in higher versions
  8. From the wise book: optimize the application when it is really needed. A maximum of 10% of "bottlenecks" need to be optimized to increase performance sufficiently
  9. Stano


    My last clarification is more than brief. Once again with some kind of pseudo code AllCheck.Onclick - starts the check starts check of first unit when it finds a violation of Live Metrics rules the inspection ends the unit name is added to the list the next unit is checked until the end at the end, a list of units with deficiencies is displayed without any details. I don't think it matters It would be nice if clicking on an item in the list would open the unit in the IDE. It is not necessary. Maybe that's clear no
  10. In my opinion, the only one. And always and everywhere.
  11. The first time you run it, the tables are cached to hard disk. The disk is determined by where the DB itself is located. For me D: \ ... - HDD (~ 3 min.) I'd like to change that. I want to have caching on disk C - SSD (<10 sec) I'm not doing well at all. Using firebird.conf (TempDirectories = c: \ temp) does not help.
  12. Stano

    Any Known Issues with ZCompressStream?

    This was not advice, but the exact answer to the questions asked.
  13. Stano


    I mean something like this: Menu -> ...? ...-> Check all
  14. Stano


    Now Live Metrics will only show me problems for an open file. I would appreciate if he would be able to check the all files in project at once. If I want to make sure that everything is fine, then I have to open all the files step by step, which is not exactly comfortable. That's what FixInsight does - if you know it.