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  1. Look at the properties of the file, the details. There you have the version... Give it here
  2. Stano

    DBGrid repaint or refresh when dataset is refreshed

    It also depends on DB. One solution is to save the primary key of the current record. After refresh use it in Locate()
  3. Since I'm a layman, can you give a simple example here? To know what you mean.
  4. Stano

    EoleException ???

    It probably worked by accident. Nobody knows how you generate primary keys.
  5. We know everything that is written on this WEB Only the EMB does not know Unfortunately, they don't want to listen to us Managers are the smartest people in the world We're just crying over spilled milk here.
  6. Stano

    EoleException ???

    What more do you want? The message is clear. You are giving the table a primary key value that does not exist in the linked table
  7. Stano

    Custom component with IBDAC

    Hi, It's a DB navigator and I want to deploy IBDAC there instead of FireDAC. I have about 30 similar lines. [dcc32 Warning] JasotComponents.dpk(73): W1033 Unit 'IBCProps' implicitly imported into package 'JasotComponents' Compilation will fail. Tried to add some *.dcp file. I got a notification that it is already in the search path. I do not know what to do.
  8. Stano

    Custom component with IBDAC

    Interesting. It protested at these files C:\Program Files (x86)\Devart\IBDAC for RAD Studio 11\Lib\Win32\dac280.dcp C:\Program Files (x86)\Devart\IBDAC for RAD Studio 11\Lib\Win32\ibdac280.dcp It is satisfied with those and compiles C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\lib\win32\release\dac280.dcp C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\lib\win32\release\ibdac280.dcp
  9. Stano

    Custom component with IBDAC

    Now I ran the compile again and it doesn't report any problem I guess Delphi had a bad day yesterday. Thank you for your willingness and time. I forgot to rule it out. Cannot load package 'JasotComponents.' It contains unit 'DAScript', which is also contained in package 'dac280' I don't understand this message. uses Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System.Classes, System.Variants, System.Generics.Collections, System.UITypes, System.Math, System.Generics.Defaults, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Dialogs, Vcl.Forms, Vcl.ExtCtrls, Vcl.DBCtrls, Vcl.Menus, Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.StdActns, Vcl.ActnList, Vcl.PlatformDefaultStyleActnCtrls, Vcl.VirtualImageList, Data.DB, VirtualTrees, advpanel, advglowbutton, advgdip, advstyleif, Advcombo, DBComponents, DBAccess, DesignIntf, ActionManager, MemDS, IBC; [Fatal Error] The following changes are necessary to make this package compatible with other installed packages. Add dac280. Add ibdac280.
  10. Stano

    Custom component with IBDAC

    Well thank you. I haven't made a runtime package yet. I'll look into it. Won't it yell at me that it already has it in the search path? It doesn't make sense to me: he linked the files and the compilation fails. I don't have any (other) mistakes there.
  11. Stano

    When execute, this error appears

    Really. And they are "gentlemen" programmers. Because: the results can be surprising. How did the OP happen here. There are different date formats. For example, "1. 12. 2022". Oh, the spaces there are better features. For example EncodeDate. I do not question them and I arranged according to their recommendations. And I don't have problems anymore.
  12. Stano

    You know something about it

    Sorry, google translator You can do a lot with Delphi IDE. I use one delphi subuser with different sets of installed components. Run command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\bin\bds.exe" -pDelphi -rMyEnvironmentXYZ ensure that a brand new branch ../Embarcadero/MyEnvironmentXYZ is created instead of ../Embarcadero/BDS/22.0 in the registries. It's almost as if you installed a new delphi, normally the introductory wizard will start which theme you want to use, the IDE is completely reset almost like after a clean installation without any additional settings, you don't have any additional experts installed or any external components. Next, I will set it up so that all packages and their dcp and other compiled files are stored somewhere in Document/MyIDEworkspaces/MyEnvironmentXYZ. You have to play with it for a while and learn how to set everything up. Next, I copy the components that I want to use in the given XYZ environment to Document/MyIDEworkspaces/MyEnvironmentXYZ/daco/daco, and even after installation, all compiled files are placed in these directories. Next, I just zip the Document/MyIDEworkspaces/MojeProstredieXYZ directory and export the branch ../Embarcadero/MyEnvironmentXYZ from the registers, and after reinstalling the entire Widnows/delphi, you can easily transfer it to another computer if you have the same version of Delphi. I've been using it for years because I sometimes need to recompile old projects years later and it works like a charm. I think it's safer than trusting some tool, but I'm not saying that the migration tool shouldn't work. But exactly when I need to restore an environment after 12 years, it's better if I know exactly step by step how I did it, than if some tool did it for me, which I then lose and can't find...
  13. Stano


    It doesn't exactly belong on the Delphi forum. But so be it. We are not wise from the pictures. I just got my crystal ball in the service. No description, no code... First of all, check what you have in the DataSet. Duplicate data? There is an option "Do not show duplicates". I do not know exactly.
  14. Stano

    How to hide "block highlighters" ?

    Um, anyway, I recommend going through all the options in Tools -> Options in detail. This is the best and easiest school.
  15. Stano

    When execute, this error appears

    They convinced me very quickly not to use Try/StrToDate(). They consider it a reprehensible practice.
  16. Stano

    Show the ancestors for a class?

    If you place the cursor in the TButton and press F1, help will appear. And in it the whole family tree. This applies to all standard components. No more for third-party components and custom.
  17. Stano

    Prevent Delphi IDE Multiple Instance

    A clean install is the last thing I want to do. It's not that terrible. When it gets unbearable, I will need to buy a new PC I can't install W11 on the current one.
  18. Stano

    Prevent Delphi IDE Multiple Instance

    I didn't notice the memory usage. It is a physical machine. He is 4 years old. There are enough funds for my work there. Current status.
  19. Stano

    Prevent Delphi IDE Multiple Instance

    I have one more specialty. Usually when I first open a file during a session I have the text shifted two characters to the left.
  20. Stano

    Prevent Delphi IDE Multiple Instance

    I basically do nothing with shortcuts. I don't change their settings. In no program. I did not make any entry into the IDE! It doesn't make sense to me either. Same thing on Forum Delphi.cz. Unfortunately, the pictures speak clearly to the problem. Now it only happens sporadically. I somehow don't deal with it anymore. They're having fun with me. Things happen to me that no one has ever heard of. I always have to be something extra I'm not happy about it I don't know about the mouse sending me a double click or more instead of a single click. I threw away such a mouse once.
  21. Stano

    Prevent Delphi IDE Multiple Instance

    Like a call. I am attaching screenshots of task manager and taskbar. I certainly didn't run the IDE multiple times. I didn't even do anything in it at all!!! It just told me there was a new EurakLog and I dropped the IDE. I added my vote,
  22. Stano

    Prevent Delphi IDE Multiple Instance

    Nothing was overwritten. Because I always had only one instance displayed! But I saw more instances in task manager. Usually two. Both instances went to 30%. The responses were long and sometimes it was impossible to do anything. I already knew how much it beats. Fortunately, it calmed down.
  23. Stano

    Prevent Delphi IDE Multiple Instance

    I have a proven procedure. I close one IDE instance I have small projects On the other hand, I have a problem that the IDE sometimes starts itself multiple times. And even during work. If I don't realize it, I cry.
  24. Could MMX be made to work with BookMarks? If it's complicated, it's not worth the effort. It's such a minor cosmetic flaw.
  25. Stano

    MMX and (Parnassus) BookMarks

    That's what I assumed