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CustomTitleBar bug

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I know this is not the correct place to report a bug. And I would like to know if this occurred to your applications too.

I am trying TTitleBarPanel, as follows:


Create a new VCL application, enable custom title bar, add TTitleBarPanel and assign it to TForm. Run application and, when hitting ALT key twice or more just after launch, application hangs and shows stack overflow then terminates.

NOTICE: that I tested it on Windows 10 x64 Pro (21H1 and 21H2) and Windows 11. But if ALT key bug is not reproducing this error (as mentioned above), most likely, it always (at least in my case), if the application switches between an exclusive DirectX Fullscreen applicaiont (game), this error shows. specially when fullscreen application blocks the modern Alt+Tab window (that list with thumbnails) and it forces the OS to use the classic Alt+Tab, switching back and forth between your custom titlebar application and that directx application (many times/repeatedly) causes that bug, for instance, I'm testing it with Riot's game League of Legends, which captures/modifies the Alt+Tab behavior.


Here are some snapshots.










And if I use MadExcept component it shows:

exception number: 1

exception class: EStackOverflow

exception message: Stack overflow.



Using this third party component, to continue the application is possible, otherwise, the application just terminates, since there is no alternative.


I have tried with non patched Sydney and patched Sydney (from GetIt manager), this happens everytime, whether installed Madshi's exception handler, or without it (uninstalled).

IMPORTANT: If removed TTitlebarPanel this error is gone 🙂.


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This is a bug in Delphi 10.4. It's working as far as I can test in Delphi 11 (unfortunately the release date of the Community Edition is still unknown). On the other hand there are another bugs in Delphi 11 with custom title bars.

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