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Olivier EXEL.

Create virtual monitor device ?

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Working on RIO delphi version. Having a tricky issue.

I'm looking for weeks for a solution to create a virtual MONITOR device on Windows 10 using the VCL (not FMX).. I'm not looking on creating Windows Desktop or so. That is.

I explain the situation. In Windows Parameters, going on view showing the monitors, you can click on DETECT. On some workstation, the system show a new monitor with the information "Monitor not detected" ; but, when you click on this new monitor, and go on "Mutliple screen option", you can select "ever, try to connect to VGA - or Screen Laptop). Then, for exemple i have two monitors, then the third monitors is usable as u can drop you application and you mouse on this "virtual monitor" for example.

My problem is double : on some systems, there is no dectection ; how to code the fact to enforce the creation of this "third" monitor like it's possible on some systems.

As you see, it is certainly a low system issue, perhaps depending on monitors drivers, ... ???

Thanks for your information.


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