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Stéphane Wierzbicki

How can I serialize a TFieldList into a JSON string ?

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I would like to serialize a FieldDefs list.The idea is to let my user update a TFDMemTable fields list and save this list.

I tried to use the TJSON class (found in unit REST.JSON), for example, 


TJSON.ObjectToJsonString (FDMemTable1.FieldDefs);

This code fails with an stack overflow error (unit system, function UnicodeFromLocaleChars).

Do I have to build all this list from the scratch ? 


Btw, I'm using Delphi RIO 10.3

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Looks like it saves the definition to me?


{"FDBS":{"Version":15,"Manager":{"UpdatesRegistry":true,"TableList":[{"class":"Table","Name":"FDQueryTenants","SourceName":"tenants","SourceID":1,"TabID":0,"EnforceConstraints":false,"MinimumCapacity":50,"ColumnList":[{"class":"Column","Name":"TENANTID","SourceName":"TENANTID","SourceID":1,"DataType":"WideString","Size":144,"Searchable":true,"FixedLen":true,"Base":true,"OInUpdate":true,"OInWhere":true,"OriginTabName":"TENANTS","OriginColName":"TENANTID","SourceSize":144},{"class":"Column","Name":"TENANTNAME","SourceName":"TENANTNAME","SourceID":2,"DataType":"WideString","Size":256,"Searchable":true,"Base":true,"OInUpdate":true,"OInWhere":true,"OriginTabName":"TENANTS","OriginColName":"TENANTNAME","SourceSize":256}],"ConstraintList":[],"ViewList":[],"RowList":[{"RowID":0,"Original":{"TENANTID":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001","TENANTNAME":"Initial tenant"}}]}],"RelationList":[],"UpdatesJournal":{"Changes":[]}}}}

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Well, looks like you need to insert at least one record to get all the details. I've tried to only populate the field list without any data... Will look at this again. 



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