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David Schwartz

tabbed video player ?

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I've got a bunch of live performance videos (> 1hr) open in QuickTime Player on one of my Mac's desktops (Spaces). I typically just select one and start it playing. But I'm thinking it would be nice to have a tabbed interface with a tab for each video; or maybe just one tab with a listbox + a list of flienames and Titles that you can select to play, then flip it to a player tab to play it.


If you were going to build a simple video player app this, what would you use for the player component?


I'm mainly interested in something that runs on a Mac. I know there's TMediaPlayer, but I think it's for Windows only.  FMX has one I imagine (I don't do much with FMX). TMS has some options, including FNC and WebCore I believe.


Maybe something already exists? (I did a bit of Google searching, but didn't find anything but a lot of requests for such a tool.)




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The supported media files formats are the native formats for each platform:

  • For Windows:
    • Audio formats: .wma, .mp3, .wav
    • Video formats: .avi, .wmv
  • For OS X:
    • Audio formats: .mp3
    • Video formats: .mov, .m4v, .mp4

TMediaPlayer can play back audio files and the audio component of a video file. To display a video file, use a TMediaPlayerControl component. For more information, see Audio-Video in FireMonkey.

Note: In order to play an audio file using TMediaPlayer, use the appropriate format:
  • .wav on Windows
  • .caf on iOS and OS X
  • .3GP on Android
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