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I'm using the TFDEventAlerter with a Subscription (Interbase) for any update, delete or insert

on a table.

The FDQuery has CachedUpdates set to True.  


It was working fine but then during testing, error:  "[FireDAC][Phys][IB]subscription transaction not found"

after an event was received from Interbase to notify of a change to the table.


Does anybody know WHY this would happen?


The first change to the table gets propagated correctly. The 2nd change results in above error.


Using Delphi 11. Connecting to remote Interbase 2017.




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It seems to be related to having another FDConnection - even though other connection

is not being used.  When other connection component is taken off the data module,

the FDEventAlerter successfully updates the FDQuery.


I just need to figure out why DELETEs are not being merged into the FDQuery???

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Interbase 2017 server, with Change Views Generic sample Delphi 11

does NOT handle deletes properly.


But changing the server to IB2020 makes it work.


Any work around?

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