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dxbuild 0.1

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DXBuild is a **free** command-line tool. It makes it easier to build multi-version Delphi projects (Delphi 2007 or newer, dproj/groupproj).


dxbuild Packages\DelphiXE2\Spring.Base.dproj -d DelphiXE2 -p Win32 Win64 -c Debug Release


- Compile faster with fastdcc (Delphi 2009 - 10.3)


For Delphi XE3 or higher, you just need to download and extract fastdcc*.exe to `$(BDS)\bin`.  dxbuild will use fastdcc when possible. Use `--no-fastdcc` to disable it.

Download: https://devjetsoftware.com/download/2009/

Report Issues: https://github.com/devjetsoftware/dxbuild-public

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