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  1. baoquan.zuo

    dxbuild 0.1

    DXBuild is a **free** command-line tool. It makes it easier to build multi-version Delphi projects (Delphi 2007 or newer, dproj/groupproj). Example dxbuild Packages\DelphiXE2\Spring.Base.dproj -d DelphiXE2 -p Win32 Win64 -c Debug Release Benefits - Compile faster with fastdcc (Delphi 2009 - 10.3) https://www.idefixpack.de/blog/ide-tools/ide-fix-pack/ NOTE: For Delphi XE3 or higher, you just need to download and extract fastdcc*.exe to `$(BDS)\bin`. dxbuild will use fastdcc when possible. Use `--no-fastdcc` to disable it. Download: https://devjetsoftware.com/download/2009/ Report Issues: https://github.com/devjetsoftware/dxbuild-public
  2. baoquan.zuo

    Special Offer for Documentation Insight

    Thanks for the kind words! I must admit, the current status of the product is far away from my expectation and I'm really sorry that the new version has not come out in such a long time. However, there is much in-progress working on the product. I hope good things will happen in the upcoming 2022.
  3. Documentation Insight enables you to browse, edit and generate API documentation for Delphi. You can use coupon code DocInsight2021 to save $100 now. Due date: Dec 31th, 2021 To get more information, please visit https://devjetsoftware.com/products/documentation-insight/
  4. baoquan.zuo

    PixelsPerInch property in datamodules and services :-(

    type {$I jedi.inc} {$IFDEF DELPHI28_UP} {$DEFINE HasPixelsPerInch} {$ENDIF} TBaseDataModule = class(TDataModule) {$IFNDEF HasPixelsPerInch} protected // Ignore PixelsPerInch property in TFrame introduced since Delphi 11 procedure DefineProperties(Filer: TFiler); override; procedure IgnorePixelsPerInch(Reader: TReader); {$ENDIF} end; {$IFNDEF HasPixelsPerInch} procedure TBaseDataModule.DefineProperties(Filer: TFiler); begin inherited DefineProperties(Filer); Filer.DefineProperty('PixelsPerInch', IgnorePixelsPerInch, nil, False); end; procedure TBaseDataModule.IgnorePixelsPerInch(Reader: TReader); begin Reader.ReadInteger; end; {$ENDIF} I created a base module to solve this kind of issue
  5. This minor update introduces support for Delphi 11 and fixes some UI issues. To download it, please visit: https://devjetsoftware.com/downloads/
  6. I think `absolute` is treated as a keyword only after (global/local) "variable declarator" (`identifier-list ':' type`), otherwise, it is just an identifier.
  7. baoquan.zuo

    ANN: Documentation Insight Hotfix for Delphi 10.3.2

    Thanks for the report! That's really small. There are some HighDPI issues in 10.x. I'll investigate them.
  8. We have noticed that Documentation Insight was broken in the latest Delphi 10.3.2 update. Here is the hotfix: http://www.devjetsoftware.com/downloads Thanks for your support!