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    dxbuild 0.1

    DXBuild is a **free** command-line tool. It makes it easier to build multi-version Delphi projects (Delphi 2007 or newer, dproj/groupproj). Example dxbuild Packages\DelphiXE2\Spring.Base.dproj -d DelphiXE2 -p Win32 Win64 -c Debug Release Benefits - Compile faster with fastdcc (Delphi 2009 - 10.3) https://www.idefixpack.de/blog/ide-tools/ide-fix-pack/ NOTE: For Delphi XE3 or higher, you just need to download and extract fastdcc*.exe to `$(BDS)\bin`. dxbuild will use fastdcc when possible. Use `--no-fastdcc` to disable it. Download: https://devjetsoftware.com/download/2009/ Report Issues: https://github.com/devjetsoftware/dxbuild-public
  2. Documentation Insight enables you to browse, edit and generate API documentation for Delphi. You can use coupon code DocInsight2021 to save $100 now. Due date: Dec 31th, 2021 To get more information, please visit https://devjetsoftware.com/products/documentation-insight/
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    Special Offer for Documentation Insight

    Thanks for the kind words! I must admit, the current status of the product is far away from my expectation and I'm really sorry that the new version has not come out in such a long time. However, there is much in-progress working on the product. I hope good things will happen in the upcoming 2022.
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    PixelsPerInch property in datamodules and services :-(

    type {$I jedi.inc} {$IFDEF DELPHI28_UP} {$DEFINE HasPixelsPerInch} {$ENDIF} TBaseDataModule = class(TDataModule) {$IFNDEF HasPixelsPerInch} protected // Ignore PixelsPerInch property in TFrame introduced since Delphi 11 procedure DefineProperties(Filer: TFiler); override; procedure IgnorePixelsPerInch(Reader: TReader); {$ENDIF} end; {$IFNDEF HasPixelsPerInch} procedure TBaseDataModule.DefineProperties(Filer: TFiler); begin inherited DefineProperties(Filer); Filer.DefineProperty('PixelsPerInch', IgnorePixelsPerInch, nil, False); end; procedure TBaseDataModule.IgnorePixelsPerInch(Reader: TReader); begin Reader.ReadInteger; end; {$ENDIF} I created a base module to solve this kind of issue
  5. This minor update introduces support for Delphi 11 and fixes some UI issues. To download it, please visit: https://devjetsoftware.com/downloads/
  6. I think `absolute` is treated as a keyword only after (global/local) "variable declarator" (`identifier-list ':' type`), otherwise, it is just an identifier.
  7. We have noticed that Documentation Insight was broken in the latest Delphi 10.3.2 update. Here is the hotfix: http://www.devjetsoftware.com/downloads Thanks for your support!
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    ANN: Documentation Insight Hotfix for Delphi 10.3.2

    Thanks for the report! That's really small. There are some HighDPI issues in 10.x. I'll investigate them.