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I want write Json5 classes. Assume that file is already parsed and we have Json objects. Is array of 10 json objects where can be simple as integer,float,string or compound arrays and objects. How to write method giving value? Virtual getvalue or like databases, asstring,asfloat etc?

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I think, api should be similar to IMemento xml, especially I moved from xml to json. Main reason, that xml are too big, about 7x greater than binary versions.

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Posted (edited)

I've to move IMemento and IPersistable to JSON.
I've already made that in Python and moving to Delphi should be simple.

At moment I cannot do that, current project timings.....


Delphi, Sydeny in my case, have a full JSON support.

Here an example of element read to compare with python way....
Delphi JSON is very close to dict in python and so to related python json:


function TAPITCPEngineClient.GetAxesInfo: TAPIAxesInfo;
  Request: string;
  Response: string;
  JSONValue: TJSONValue;
    if not GetActive then AbortFast;
    Request := '{"get":"axes.info"}';
    Response := SendCommand(Request);
    if Response = '' then Exit;
    JSONValue := TJSONObject.ParseJSONValue(Response);
      if not (JSONValue is TJSONObject) then Exit;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<TAPIAxesArray>('["res"]["joint.position"]', Result.JointPosition.V) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<TAPIAxesArray>('["res"]["machine.position"]', Result.MachinePosition.V) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<TAPIAxesArray>('["res"]["program.position"]', Result.ProgramPosition.V) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<TAPIAxesArray>('["res"]["machine.target.position"]', Result.MachineTargetPosition.V) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<TAPIAxesArray>('["res"]["program.target.position"]', Result.ProgramTargetPosition.V) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<TAPIAxesSpeedArray>('["res"]["actual.velocity"]', Result.ActualVelocity.V) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<Cardinal>('["res"]["working.wcs"]', Result.WorkingWCS) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<TAPIAxesArray>('["res"]["working.offset"]', Result.WorkingOffset.V) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<Boolean>('["res"]["homing.done"]', Result.HomingDone) then AbortFast;
      if not JSONValue.TryGetValue<Cardinal>('["res"]["homing.done.mask"]', Result.HomingDoneMask) then AbortFast;
      Result.HasData := True;

JSon is simplest than XML but more readable.

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