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Jupyter Notebook with P4D

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can I start Jupyter Notebooks using P4D components ? 

P4D is installed,  can this be done with Delphi code  or / and python code 



what I need 


a) check if notebook is available on  my computer   


c) start a  new notebook 




regarding a)

pip install notebook

regarding b)

jupyter notebook



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As far as I understand your question, your problem lies in the plane of using the command line


You can do this in many ways: for example, by running a command line script directly from Object Pascal

although it is possible, in order to interact with the Jupyter Notebook API later on it will be more convenient for you to use a python script via Py4D components to interact with the command line



  var cmdlines := TStringList.Create();
  cmdlines.Add('import subprocess');
  cmdlines.Add('result = subprocess.run(["jupyter", "notebook", "list"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)');

(this sample shows usage of usage of subprocess module for command line call - prints the list of running Jupyter Notebooks e.g. ''jupyter notebook list" output)


Hope this can be helpful

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