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UI in Android5.0 freeze issue is solved by 10.3.1

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I have tested 10.3 and I found in old Android, UI can not updates even if it is a simple test APP, no AdMob in it.


I new a project in 10.3, just a TForm with a TButton and a TLabel and a TMemo. There just has two line in Button1Click:


Label1.Text := 'aaa';



This test APP can work fine in my mobile with Android 8.


But, in mobile OPPO find 7 with Android 5, mobile XiaoMi with Android4.4, a Android PAD with Android 4.4(CPU is AllWinner A33, RAM is 1G bytes), it can install, but when I touch the Button1, nothing happened on the screen.

In debug mode, I place a break point at the code, touch the Button1, I can see IDE stopped at the break point, after I press F9, it continues run. And I touch the Button1 again, I can see IDE stopped at the break point again, it proved that the code is running, but nothing happened on the screen.


The same APP  compiled with D10.2.1, it can works fine on all device I mentioned above.




Now, I installed 10.3.1 EC version, and this issue is OK.

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