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Alexander Sviridenkov

ANN: HTML Office Library 4.6 released

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I'm glad to announce a new release of the HTML Office Library: 100% native and cross-platform Delphi library for conversion and displaying documents of the following types:

  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • MS Word 6-2007 binary format (DOC)
  • MS Word XML document (DOCX)
  • MS Power Point binary format (PPT)
  • MS Power Point XML format (PPTX)
  • MS Excel binary format (XLS)
  • MS Excel XML format (XLSX)
  • MS Excel XML binary format (XLSB)
  • Adobe PDF format (PDF)
  • Supercalc format (SXC)
  • EPUB (electronic books).
  • FB2 (electronic books).
  • Markdown.
  • Outlook Message (MSG)
  • MIME message (.EML)
  • Outlook databases (.OST, .PST)
  • The Bat! database (.TBB)
  • RAR archives
  • ZIP archives


Whats's new

1. Improved conversion quality for all document types.
2. Significantly improved conversion speed and memory consumption for all document types.
3. Reduced size of converted document for all document types.
4. Document to text conversion is now much faster (direct text extraction and use of SAX parser for XML).
5. Added support for MIME mail messages .EML (including attachments).
6. Classes for reading Outlook databases (.PST, .OST).
7. Classes for reading RAR archives.
8. Classes for reading The Bat message folders (.TBB).
9. New THtOfficeDocument.AsThumbnail function for creating document thumbnail.
10. Added support for password protected office files (OnPasswordRequest callback in converion methods)
11. New THtOfficeDocument.ConvertStreamtoText for converting to text with support for callback function which get
  next portion of text during conversion.
12. New MaxLines and MaxPages properties to limit size of converted document.
13. Converted Word/RTF documents can have paged and web layout.
14. Direct PDF export for all platforms (no OS or third party library used).
15. Fully functional text search engine  (can index documents from any souce: file, archive, database, etc. using implementation of IHtVirtualFolder interface).


Conversion speed measurements:



There are two compiled demos available (source code of both applications is included):


1. Simple document viewer: allows to view any document on hard drive using file tree on left side and HtPanel on right.


2. Search Engine demo: create full text search index for documents located in selected folders and find any document from application or Web.
This demo also shows the following features of THtSearchEngine:


Date map - found document number by year



Type Map - found documents by category







Test on sample database:




Note that search time depends only on amout of found/shown documents  and do not depend on total document count.





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