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Converting tuples into Delphi objects

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I am struggling with getting my results into Delphi.  I have used direct access to the Python function as shown in the screencopy and in fact receive the correct results in Delphi using Code insight as shown.  But I have no success in actually accessing this tuple from Delphi


There are three items in the tuple (which is declared as a variant), the first containing a list of arrays, the second an array and the third a list of values.

How do I individually access these values in Delphi - some sample code will help as I can't find anything in the demos and my knowledge of variants is quite inadequate.

Kind regards

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Try something like that 

    for I := 0 to  myPlateTuple.Length - 1 do
        var Sub := myPlateTuple.GetItem(I);



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Thank you very much.  The problem is that there are different arrays in the tuple and unless I can separate them I don't know how to convert the variants into Delphi variables.  The lengths are not always as short as the sample and can indeed be very long.

I was hoping to use something like

aTmpvariant1 := myPlatTuple[0]

aTmpvariant2 := myPlatTuple[1]

etc, and then be able to individually decode these like

aDelphiVal1 := aTmpvariant1[0], etc.

but that does not work.

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I solved the problem - just me being stupid.  I misunderstood the GetItem method.  All seems to be working now.

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