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Python/Delphi synchronization

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I gonna run python script in separate thread. My PythonEngine has IO field assigned with TPythonGUIInputOutput component


What is the correct way to synchronize output (e.g. print("Hello World!") to Delphi's TMemo component? As far as I know VCL is not thread safe... 


Thank you.


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I tried to set 

TPythonGUIInputOutput.DelayWrites = True 

I don't know what does it means but seems this resolve my issue (GUI output is working)

Maybe someone could clear this option, please?


P.S. I find related topic, usage of TPythonThread should be a solution but it still not prints in GUI output when  DelayWrites = False, maybe I miss something there...


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Have you found the solution?

I seem to have found the solution.  I created the pythonengine and pythonmodule etc in a background thread

        procedure TQuoteThread._CreatePython(TheNil: TObject);
          RichEdit1 := TMemo.Create(nil);

          PythonGUIInputOutput := TPythonGUIInputOutput.Create(nil);
          PythonGUIInputOutput.UnicodeIO := true;
          PythonGUIInputOutput.Output := RichEdit1;

          modDBFireDac := TPythonModule.Create(nil);
          modDBFireDac.OnInitialization := modDBFireDacInitialization;
          modDBFireDac.ModuleName := 'DBFireDac';

          PyDelphiWrapper := TPyDelphiWrapper.Create(nil);

          PythonEngine := TPythonEngine.Create(nil); // 4.17
          PythonEngine.IO := PythonGUIInputOutput;

          modDBFireDac.Engine := PythonEngine;
          PyDelphiWrapper.Engine := PythonEngine;



            pyObj := PyDelphiWrapper.Wrap(self); // 4.15
            with GetPythonEngine do
              // Define a new variable "T" in the DB module
              //4.37 modDBFireDac.SetVar('MainForm', pyObj);
              modDBFireDac.SetVar('BackgroundThread', pyObj); //4.37
              // Excecute the script



Then in the python script, it assigned the delphi thread to a python object

      delphithread = DBFireDac.BackgroundThread

When I need to pass output to Delphi, from within python script, I simply call the delphi thread method


In Delphi, the Delphi Thread method use TThread.ForceQueue to call a Form Method which add the output text to a TStringList

procedure TQuoteThread.AddLine(TheLine: String);
  aObj: TStringObj;
  if (TheLine <> '') and Assigned(UIEvent_PrintLine) then
        aObj := TStringObj.CreateWith(TheLine);
      end, 1);


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On 8/22/2022 at 10:49 AM, DennisTW said:

Have you found the solution?


As I said before, this is solution for me:

TPythonGUIInputOutput.DelayWrites = True

Thank you for your help



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