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Could anybody help with obtaining the PDF of the good old “Delphi Informant Magazine” April 2002, Volume 8 Number 4 issue?

Lost all hope searching... 😞

Thanks beforehand.

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OK I'm intrigued now. Most of the content in that edition seems pretty outdated 20 years later.

  • From the Palette Take Action — Bill Todd For those of you who need to give an application’s menus and toolbars the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2000, Bill Todd introduces the new Delphi 6 ActionManager and ActionBars components.
  • Dynamic Delphi From XML to Object: Part II — Keith Wood Keith Wood wraps up his two-part series on the XML Data Binding Wizard by sharing sample applications that demonstrate how to read and display XML documents — and generate new ones.
  • In Development Build Your Own Compiler: Part I — Fernando Vicaria Fernando Vicaria demystifies compilers using the straightforward approach of showing you how to build one with Delphi, and by keeping the jargon and formalism to a minimum. It’s the first of a four-part series.
  • Sound+Vision Hierarchical Models in OpenGL — Araz Yusuf OpenGL provides a wide range of routines for modeling complex objects, but it has no built-in mechanisms for rendering hierarchical models. Araz Yusuf shows us how he gets the job done with Object Pascal.
  • On the ’Net Taming the Beast from Redmond — Dave Ball Dave Ball provides a step-by-step explanation of how to deploy ISAPI DLLs within an MTS or COM+ memory-protected development environment, by configuring IIS settings within the MMC.
  • Inside OP — Gary Warren King Forms and dialog boxes often have interdependent field and display properties whose friendliness can rapidly decay. Mr King shows how to keep your UI responsive — by delaying events.

I'm going to guess you're either building your own compiler or doing some sort of throwback ISAPI DLL deployment?

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Wow! Thank you so much, Lachlan! I lost all hopes...


Oh, my reasons are less inspirational 😞 I am the author of one of the articles, and did not have the PDF in my possession. Now, thanks to you this is resolved 🙂 Thank you very much!


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Wow that's great. Much cooler than I expected. So glad to have been of assistance.


So did OpenGL ever add "built-in mechanisms for rendering hierarchical models"?

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