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ANN: New version of ImageKit VCL for 2D/3D effects just released!

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We are glad to announce that new version of ImageKit VCL for 2D/3D transition effects just released!


ImageKit VCL v. 1.41


- GPU based image processing, graphics rendering framework
- dozens of built-in filters and thousands of possible chains
- VCL, GDI and GDI+ interoperability
- avanced GPU based image view control
- 2D, 3D transformations
- support software device if hardware isn't available
- high level DirectX 10 wrapper control and renderer
- special animation class for properties in any third-party controls (smooth animation)
- special page view control with 3D transition effects for pages
- VCL Styles are supported in transition engine
- excellent interaction with all controls from StyleControls VCL

- many more...




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