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Handelling temprory files

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I have using "Demos/ContentTypes" approach to response a temporary pdf file

    [GET, Path('/pdf'), Produces('application/pdf')]
    function PdfDocument: TStream;

I want to delete temporary(PDF) file after response dispatched.

any idea please

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Hi @kitesoft2015@gmail.com,

you can have a method, in your resource, marked with AfterInvoke attribute.

This method will be called after the actual response has been sent to the client so I think it would be a good moment to delete the file.

You may store the temp file name in a field of your resource.


In theory for temporary files you may ask the operating system to provide a proper file name (and path) so that the OS knows it can clean those files when needed. I guess your question comes because you actually don't want that file to stay on the file system longer than needed.

Also consider you may serve a stream (without passing from the disk file), if you can.




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