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what is the structure of the file needed for LoadLangFromFile ??

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The language designer can save to a .lng file. See; FMX.Types.TLang - RAD Studio API Documentation (embarcadero.com) 

Can also create a txt-file template then load from txt-file latter then save as a .lng file.


The format of .lng files looks binary but not too complex - a section of strings (xxxx) one per line to translate then sections for a language code and translation pairs (xxxx=yyyy) one per line. 

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Please read:



It says:

There are special cases where switching between languages does not work as expected if the language that you switch to is English (en). As a workaround, we recommend that you use LoadLangFromStrings instead of setting TLang.Lang to switch between languages at run time. 

So, you can save your language file as a text file, it's contain is key=value format.


One language, one file. If you want changes the language, load another file.

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I use .ini for language files. This makes it easy for users to create their own language files. Is there any specific advantage of the .lng format over .ini?

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