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Ian Branch

Style missing..

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Hi Team,

I am updating an old project ex D2007, to Rio.

Have it all working fine.

I went to select a style, 'Iceberg Classico' which was selected and built OK.

When I run the App in either the IDE or stand alone it tells me "Style 'Iceberg Classico' not found.".

What could be stopping it please.  The Style is fine on my newer projects.

Regards & TIA,


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Probably something in the .dproj file.  It's worth taking a peek at where "Iceberg" occurs in the old .dproj file vs new ones and making suitable adjustments.  Perhaps get rid of the theme specification entirely and then add it back in.

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Hi ByteJuggler,

I couldn't find anything.  I deleted the original .dproj files and rebuilt them from the .dpr but no good.

Something deep in there.

I rebuilt the App from scratch cross copying the components and code.

All good now.

Thanks for your thoughts.



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