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Thanks !!

I've also used the "rosettagit" Delphi-code.

The alogrithm works, but no direct polygon-coordinates, as far as I can see.

You have to traverse the image pixels to identify them.

I can live with the "rosetta" solution for some time, but I still want a faster and direct solution - similar to these:


Look for the "Voronoi Diagrams" pargraph on this site:



And this Delphi version:

Fast Voronoi v.0.9:




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no, no! the page is working! Im using Chrome 109!



you can download all ".JS" (just using the address+<<filename.JS>> to verify the code source! or use download link, if working... (for me failed...)

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Actually, it seems to work in Chrome and Opera, just not Safari for some reason.


It's very cool. 🙂




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