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New to x509 - how to mimic Postman config using ICS

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Looking at the OverbyteIcsHttpRestTst sample, it seems client certificate was never tested since the private key is not loaded, it needs a one line change.   Client certificates were originally tested with an older sample.   Even with the fix, it would not have worked unless PemTool can see the private key. 


I'm improving both samples at the moment with more error handling, will be in SVN within a couple of days. 




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My real problem is that I'm uneducated about the world of OAuth2, REST and so forth. And I'm not in a position to learn from the beginning. I need a solution that works as soon as I can get it, and as I use the tool I expect I will learn these technologies in bits and pieces. Since I have everything working in Postman I know I have the pieces (cert file, key file, client id, client secret) needed to get an access token. The problem is I don't know how to plug those pieces into ICS to make things work.


I appreciate very much your suggestions and help. I am making progress using a different set of components and will follow that path for now, as I need something working now.


Again, thank you for all your feedback.

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