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ANN: Skia4Delphi v5.0.0

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  • Added GPU backend render to TSkAnimatedPaintBox in Vcl; #108 Controls
  • Rewritten Canvas, addressing all pending issues and further enhancing performance; #201 #40 FMX Render
  • Improved performance of TSkAnimatedImage in Vcl; Controls
  • Improved anti-aliasing through multi-sampling; FMX Render
  • Improved library reliability through more unit tests; Tests
  • Fixed numerous minor issues and improved the wrapper as well as the C++ code; API
  • Fixed compilation to Android on RAD Studio Rio; #206 API
  • Fixed issues related to transparency and addressed problems with OpenGL in fullscreen mode on Windows #127; FMX Render
  • Fixed deployment for custom build config; #208 Library
  • Fixed custom font in TSkAnimatedImage; #203 Controls
  • Fixed support for Android 5 and Android 6 broken in last version; Library
  • Deprecated SkParticles since Skia stopped maintaining it at Milestone 112; API
  • Minor improvements.

Skia version: 107.2.0


Compatibility break

We changed very specific APIs, which are unlikely to generate incompatibilities for developers, but a new major was necessary because we faithfully follow the semantic version.



Github: github.com/skia4delphi/skia4delphi

Website: skia4delphi.org


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