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How to change color of Title Bar without TTitleBar

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I'm looking for a (hopefully simple) way of changing the color of the title bar without using the custom title bar stuff because I am using a TMainMenu and everything gets screwed up.


I watched Ray Konopka's really good video from 2021 on how to do it but it was way more elaborate than I care to implement.


Anyone done this?


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  • I couldn't see anything in those articles that solved the problem.  Which doesn't mean it is not there, I am not a super advanced programmer even though I been have pecking away at it for years.
  • I am working with VCL
  • I found this article on the Microsoft site which seemed hopeful until I read that it is only for Windows 11 which is too restrictive at this time

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I am not sure which version of Delphi you are using, @GP_23 (You can set that in your profile),

but the following has been working at least since Sydney: https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Alexandria/en/Custom_Title_Bar_for_VCL_Forms


Edit: ... and I fell into the trap of not reading the OP properly.  Surely there must be a way to get the main menu and custom title bar working?

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One would think so, but I am thinking less and less that that is the case.  Like I said Ray K tackled it on a video but he abandoned TMainMenu and constructed a menu in a different way.  I don't want to go through all that just to change the color of the title bar.  Maybe it can be done by creating a customized style but I haven't looked into that and there other pressing things that I should dive into first.


Confession, I am actually a C++Builder user (just migrated to 11.3).  But because the vast majority of Rad Studio users are Delphi people, I posted on the Delphi forum to reach a larger crowd as I can always translate the code (if it is mostly UI stuff that is).

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Okay well it turns out it is easy.  The trick is you have to use TActionMainMenu instead of TMainMenu which is what Ray K was using.  I gave up too soon on his video because he was trying to do some fancier stuff as well.


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