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SmtpCli - wrong Encoding?!

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I want to report a problem that will occur if you sent an email with an attachment (ICS v8.68).
In my opinion, the Content-Transfer-Encoding should be "8bit"
Some mail client handle this per "autocorrection", some clients do not.

This is a multipart MIME message.

--= Multipart Boundary 0526231338
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="windows-1252"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit




Here is "my" fix for this, I think there will be no side effects.
Unfortunately, it can not be handeled by trigger events.




function TSmtpMessageText.SetText(


    else begin
        FWrapText         := FALSE;
        FTransferEncoding := smtpEnc8bit; //instead of  smptEnc7bit
        FCurrentIdx       := 0;

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That particular code segment is only used if you send a blank message, there are lots of lines just above it relating to setting FTransferEncoding  to that specified in DefaultEncoding based on checking the actual text.  So it's more likely you are not setting DefaultEncoding to smtpEnc8bit and Allow8Bit to true before sending email.




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