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Compile fails (due to path length?)

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BrccCompile fails with ..\..\images\GXIcons.rc : error : Error Could not open input file C:\RAD_Lib\GExperts\Projects\DelphiXx110Alexandria\FN


This is misleading error, because there is no FNC.RC. Is there a limitation for the -ic<path> with BrccCompile? My path is quite long and this is the only explanation I find, why thos error could occur.

Any idea, how I can work around this?


Or am I missing something?


Thanks fpr every hint!

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Cleaned up the search path and because I had some spare time updated al my components. And now the compile finishes without error. So , no, there is AFAIK no length problem with BrccCompile.

Unforunately I have no idea, what was the cure. :- (

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