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  1. How can I select a picture from Android gallery and get the path + GPS data (lat & long)? I get a path to a cached picture, without GPS data. /data/user/0/com.embarcadero.Project1/cache/IMG_20190319_[...].jpg The original picture is in /DCIM/Camera/ and has another name. procedure TForm2.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin TMessageManager.DefaultManager.SubscribeToMessage(TMessageReceivedImagePath, DidReceiveBitmap); end; procedure TForm2.TakePhotoFromLibraryAction1DidCancelTaking; begin // end; procedure TForm2.TakePhotoFromLibraryAction1DidFinishTaking(Image: TBitmap); begin Image1.Bitmap := Image; end; procedure TForm2.DidReceiveBitmap(const Sender: TObject; const M: TMessage); var LMessage: TMessageResultNotification; LImagePath: String; begin if M is TMessageReceivedImagePath then begin LMessage := TMessageResultNotification(M); LImagePath := (M as TMessageReceivedImagePath).Value; // <--- '/data/user/0/com.embarcadero.Project1/cache/IMG_20190319_[...].jpg' if LMessage.RequestCode = TJFMXMediaLibrary.JavaClass.ACTION_TAKE_IMAGE_FROM_LIBRARY then begin GetEXIF(LImagePath); Image2.Bitmap.LoadFromFile(LImagePath); end; end; end; procedure TForm2.GetEXIF(const AFileName: String); var LEXIF: JExifInterface; LLatLong: TJavaArray<Single>; begin LEXIF := TJExifInterface.JavaClass.init(StringToJString(AFileName)); Memo1.Lines.Add('File: ' + AFileName); LLatLong := TJavaArray<Single>.Create(2); if LEXIF.getLatLong(LLatLong) then begin Memo1.Lines.Add('Latitude: ' + LLatLong.Items[0].ToString); Memo1.Lines.Add('Longitude: ' + LLatLong.Items[1].ToString); end; LLatLong.Free; end;