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  1. nouvakis


    I am trying something with TSslWSocketClient and TWSocketClient but they inherite this procedure from TCustomLineWSocket
  2. Could this procedure become virtual so we can override it?
  3. 1. in procedure TSslContext.InitContext ... if CheckLogOptions(loSslInfo) then { V8.40 } DebugLog(loSslInfo, 'Set sslSESS_CACHE_SERVER'); *********************************** It always writes sslSESS_CACHE_SERVER ignoring correspondig Session cache modes ---------------------------------------------------------- 2. TCustomSslWSocket.TriggerSslHandshakeDone(ErrCode : Word); ... FSslPeerCert.X509 := PeerX; should become if Assigned(FSslPeerCert) then // add this one please FSslPeerCert.X509 := PeerX; ---------------------------------------------------------
  4. the TIcsFileCopy is class( TIcsWndControl ) and it has fMultiThreaded field. but TIcsWndControl has also fMultiThreaded field. I guess in TIcsFileCopy the fMultiThreaded field is ignored (not using it anywhere in OverbyteIcsFileCopy.pas) and hides fMultiThreaded field of TIcsWndControl
  5. can you describe what do you mean "resolved managing unwanted session" ?
  6. nouvakis


    super, thanks !
  7. nouvakis

    TIcsFtpMulti WaitUntilReady

    Searching with google, I found this: https://superuser.com/questions/1195462/server-sent-passive-reply-with-unroutable-address-in-filezilla I think that the server is not configured correctly, and it answers with its local address to PASV command Indeed, debugging I found that original address is but later I get I assume that is its local address and this is the problem. In the above article, the writer says:
  8. I am trying to upload to a server (it reports UNIX Type: L8) using SSL. it fails when trying to get Dir List (using TIcsFtpMulti waiting Timeout=600) Is there any way to overcome this problem? PS: the same server responds well if I don't use SSL
  9. nouvakis


    could you please add field IgnorePaths at TIcsFtpMultiThread class and at the Execute procedure?
  10. SelectCopyFileList ignores IgnorePaths below COMPILER10_UP. a workaround would be {$IFDEF COMPILER10_UP} { only supported D2006 and later } IgnorePathList.StrictDelimiter := True; IgnorePathList.DelimitedText := AnsiLowerCase (IgnorePaths) ; {$ELSE} IgnorePathList.DelimitedText := '"' + StringReplace(AnsiLowerCase(IgnorePaths), IgnorePathList.Delimiter, '"' + IgnorePathList.Delimiter + '"', [rfReplaceAll]) + '"'; {$ENDIF}
  11. in unit OverbyteIcsFtpMulti 1) One field is missing: fFtpSslCliSecurity 2) Two fields need to be set in TIcsFtpMultiThread.Execute a) IcsFTPMultiCli.FtpType := fFtpType; b) IcsFTPMultiCli.FtpSslCliSecurity := fFtpSslCliSecurity; thanks
  12. nouvakis

    wsock32 and ws2_32

    Would't it be better if applications are depended only by one dll or loading just the ws2_32?