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  1. Hi, I’m using FPC with Arm Linux, is very nice, but: - the community release updates so slowly, seems stopped - the RTL and the whole classes quality source code is a lot better and polished in Delphi - RTTI at runtime? - I did a test and Delphi 64 was double faster than FPC in low level loops, sets, arrays and collections - high quality database layer in Delphi IMHO
  2. Really we need a new model for the MM, FastMM4 is bloat, should be cool to have a lock-free allocator using threadvar and/or TLS API also with a small thread pool preallocated, so to compete with other high performance languages. As far I have tested to make Delphi perfect again: - TLS lock-free allocator - SIMD FillChar, Move, Pos I ask Mr.Allen of Grizly :-P Regards.
  3. hello, I'm used to deploy custom Intel TBB memory manager and IPP with Delphi 64bit server apps, with highly satisfaction (see https://github.com/RDP1974/Sea-Delphi-RTL-IIS-Filter results). I have found FastMM4 to be slow and give me many fatal errors under multithreaded stress test (especially the last AVX-512 fork) Many people asked me for a 32bit version of Intel TBB malloc, and many other asked me to do embedded code instead of external DLL to distribute. The point are: - impossible to do static objects of Intel libs without rely on MSVCRT redistribution, further Delphi linker cannot manage the objs (see below) - have tried 32bit TBB DLL, but don't works, giving fatal errors on runtime - have tried CLANG compiled of other two good allocators, doing static objects, but Delphi32 can't link them due to architecture limits ($ThreadLocalStorage functions not managed) The allocators I have tried after reviewing dozens are: - https://github.com/mjansson/rpmalloc - https://github.com/microsoft/mimalloc Now the nasty :) question: Does somebody likes to join me to do a Delphi pascal native version of rpmalloc (seems the easier and cleaner IMHO)? Look, I have really few spare time, but I think we can do it. Any opinion? Regards. (sorry my not good english) Roberto Della Pasqua www.dellapasqua.com
  4. btw: Iceland should be a nice place where to put tier4-datacenters 😄
  5. sorry, indeed bad humour (and this last is hard to replicate in a globalized citadel, emoticons too hardly can be categorized inside a international ISO or Madrid protocol; we need a truly "clever" semantic translator? or maybe more realistic choice, I should study english better way, finally will stop my stupid topics). Big esteem to you and Emba of course.
  6. So is better if emba buy remobjects and leverage the big quality of their llvm Island for the whole new platforms
  7. I have a silly idea about LLVM codegen, we should "translate" CLANG into PLANG at high level, instead to try to do a LLVM low level compiler. C++17 of CLANG can do anything we need in modern pascal, generics too. And should be a matter of syntax parsing instead to do low level stuff. Agree?
  8. I did a benchmark with aes software ciphering class, and the win64 is near double faster than linux/osx llvm problem appears that llvm optimizations are not used at all
  9. hello, indeed I have now an agreement with a nice company for the libraries distribution. Anyway I have obtained to be free to publish the libs on my side, so if you wish test them, if you will use it please contact me for a small fee. btw. I have updated the dlls with the latest zlib and 9th gen Intel simd. https://github.com/RDP1974 www.dellapasqua.com btw. will be nice to have results from delphi mars, delphi mvc, daraja, and other mvc/rest btw. those wrappers are built around the Intel TBB and Intel IPP libraries, for maximum reliability and quality industry proven
  10. RDP1974

    cocos2d multiplatform

    I see, thanks for the info
  11. RDP1974

    cocos2d multiplatform

    Metal is Apple only, Vulcan is not well supported. further both are low level api, cocos is high level game engine, the most used. Also GLes (OpenGL subset) works perfectly from Android, iOS to Linux ... will be cool to have a Delphi counterpart of this engine I’ll try to do in the spare time
  12. RDP1974

    cocos2d multiplatform

    hello, I like enhance this library https://github.com/HandymanPlus/delphi-cocos2dx and make it FMX compatible multiplatform, but using low level OpenGLES (Android, Ios, Osx) I have few spare time, does somebody wants join me in this work? Coco2d is by far the best engine for cellphones realtime games, making it fully compatible delphi android and ios... is a must to do! Let me know, thanks
  13. Delphi 10.2.3 standard Indy (I used the Indy provided in Delphi 10.2.3, if I remember should be 10.5.6) project wizard -> webbroker -> standalone server with httpbridge action on GET send a string "webbroker server etc.etc." apachebench ab.exe ab -n 10000 -c 100 -k -r on I7 4/8 works well on I9 8/16 (latest 9th gen Intel) becomes very slow answering only 50 reqs per sec on I9 changing mm to another third party got 10000 reqs per sec I will try also ISAPI app
  14. hello, recently I got a I9 8/16 core compiling a hello world webbroker indy standalone project using default MM4 with apachebench I get 50 reqs/sec only (!) using other MM I get 10K reqs/sec so seems a bug of Fastmm4 with 16 detected cores and more please can somebody confirm this bug testing on a 8/16 core CPU or more? it's particular important considering all the MVC classes built over Indy targeting servers
  15. RDP1974

    Embed FMX form in a VCL app

    hello, does exists a software that permits to embed a FMX form/app inside a TControl or VCL app/form?