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  1. To me this seem useless. If devices are linked into a network they're usually controlled by UI of a head unit or by an app (hi Xiaomi). If they're individual, they rarely require rich UI - raising Delphi server+uniGUI on a "smart" bulb just to change its color... rather silly. With all these messy JS frameworks classic nginx+PHP+user-side static pages are unfairly forgotten but they're still the best choice for simple admin consoles
  2. Project reached somewhat usable state. Check it here. SChannel is Windows built-in implementation of TLS protocols. This allows supporting secure connections without any external library. Repo contains: unit with transport-agnostic helper functions for easy implementation of TLS communication by means of Windows SChannel. sample of transport-agnostic synchronous TLS handshake using callback functions for real communication API declarations borrowed from JEDI project ICS TWSocket descendant that performs TLS communication demo project for performing any textual (mainly HTTPS) requests via secure connection Note. I first started learning what TLS is a couple of weeks ago :) So units contain only a necessary minimum to interact with TLS server. Certs and other advanced stuff are in TODO. Thanks to author of TLS-Sample from http://www.coastrd.com/c-schannel-smtp and JEDI for WinAPI headers.
  3. Fr0sT.Brutal

    SChannel TLS - perform TLS communication with WinAPI

    Several updates released including - Sharing of session data (shorter handshake in next connections to the same host) - More customization and debug abilities - Support TLS to IP - More control over server cert validation: flags to allow ignoring some cert aspects and list of trusted certs that are considered valid without any check.
  4. Complex UI for the web-server differs from non-complex UI only in size; though absolute numbers aren't that much. I doubt RPi would experience any issues transferring 10 Mb page especially considering that likely will happen only once - further user actions will fetch cached scripts. Of course I mean modern UIs that are almost fully driven by clientside JS. Heavy old-school client-static (that is, generated on a server by templates) surely are a burden.
  5. Fr0sT.Brutal

    WebView2 synchronious calls

    You also can run custom message loop that will process WV's messages and stash/drop/whatever all others. Or, just switch the main window off with EnableWindow (that's how modality works in fact).
  6. How do you handle the default blocking nature of pipes? Or use it async-ly?
  7. Fr0sT.Brutal

    SudokuHelper - Example for uncoupled design via interfaces

    Using TMonitor over the instance itself could spare excess CS. Btw, there are lots of such lazy inited singletones in RTL:
  8. I also use mutex (event in my case)+findwindow approach as the simplest solution but named pipes seem more advanced (didn't implemented them yet though) - Same system- or user-wide unique named object - Communication included for activating 1st instance with any data - More reliable than Findwindow - Suits for console apps, services - Likely x-platform (at least for Linux)
  9. Fr0sT.Brutal

    What it's like to be a Delphi Developer

    Yep to change things in PF you need elevation. I almost never place my soft in PF. You can change AkelUpdater.exe settings to always run as admin
  10. Yes they are but not named so useless for the purpose probably for *nix named pipes or file sockets should be used
  11. *shrug* Original Q didn't mention any platform req's
  12. Fr0sT.Brutal

    What it's like to be a Delphi Developer

    Me: WinMerge, AkelPad, xplorer2... I'd put any VCS right after Delphi in this list
  13. Mutex has nothing to do with VCL so you can use it for FMX as well
  14. This sounds like a good question for GP support
  15. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Delphi Compilers - # lines of code

    There's Freepascal that you can estimate. Just extract Win-only part and count LOCs
  16. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Delphi Compilers - # lines of code

    I guess it's used here as an estimation sample
  17. This lib in fact became industry standard and is used by numerous apps - Node, Chrome, Firebird... It's even included in W10: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/intl/international-components-for-unicode--icu- I guess when you do encrypted network connections you don't implement your own TLS engine but use OpenSSL for this or something alike? The same with ICU. Anyway it's all up to you 😉
  18. https://unicode-org.github.io/icu/userguide/datetime/calendar/
  19. Won't ICU help you then? I think they have literally everything for internationalization
  20. Damn, I thought old British money system is the most crazy mess I saw.
  21. Fr0sT.Brutal


    AFAIU all it does is create RDP shortcut. This shouldn't be too hard to rewrite; moreover, this hardly needs to be rewritten - just use as is. BTW, had anyone tried it? I'm interested but all our Windows are Pro's that haven't got this feature 😞
  22. With all abovementioned number formats don't forget decimal separators that could be customized to ANY char and that a digit even could be something other than 0-9 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_numeral_systems
  23. Then you'll have to download a video by yourself fully controlling HTTP headers and feed resulting data to video player component
  24. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Herb Sutter on C++20

    Launched video. Saw `break; case 1: a();` Closed video.