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  1. Where the error occurs and what it is? I repeat: don't cast pointers to Integer! It's incorrect on x64
  2. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Split String

    Edit3.Text:=String.Join('.',S); ?
  3. When record argument is declared as const, Delphi always passes it by reference (pointer). So you should try to feed the function with pointers. BTW, if you use Reference as pointer, don't declare it as Integer.
  4. So as a very experienced Delphi developer I should be getting $200k? Plz hire me 😄
  5. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    Sure thing. However, backdoor holes left for spying could be revealed by someone else and used with all possible harmful purposes. Contrary, I've never heard of any Russian developers that are "angry at everybody else" and do any harm with their software. They seem to know the difference between business and politics while others seem not. I know several cases when other developers were so angry to put some destructive code into their products to be executed when being run in Russia. Not mentioning numerous companies leaving the market screwing up all their contract liabilities. Back to the topic, the quote you gave shows that rules of the game are maintained. Formalities are valid, nothing to worry about things you don't know 😉
  6. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    That's why the CB development is SOOOO slow 😄 Well, then you should be also frightening of USA developers that you don't know personally because CIA/DOD has long story of injecting backdoors into well-known tools. Not talking about Chinese developers that obey to communist party (goddamn commies want to eat the whole world!)
  7. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    Since Russia has rich and long-lasting experience of sailing under Jolly Roger I wouldn't expect legal issues cause any trouble. From the very beginning of PC era in mid-80s til the end of 00s legally bought software was very rare. Buying, say, something from MS for the home use was considered an insanity
  8. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Left side cannot be assigned to

    TSomeClass private FFoo: string; public // with props property Foo: string read FFoo; // without props function Foo: string; ... function Foo: string; begin Result := FFoo; end;
  9. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Left side cannot be assigned to

    Yep, sure. Especially if you need to make some internal field accessible as-is I had some light experience with QT that has no properties but only g/setters. That were really awful hours.
  10. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Delphi PAServer arm RPi compilation

    There are plenty of options for building a REST server on Lazarus. mORMot, for instance. Or built-in webserver.
  11. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Delphi PAServer arm RPi compilation

    sounds rather unrelated to RPi imho
  12. Fr0sT.Brutal

    best component of open save dialogs

    There's nothing better than good old classic
  13. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Interbase VAR Licence and Demos or Free Versions

    I wouldn't bother with IB licensing stuff when there's opensource Firebird. Especially if you have "small apps" that unlikely require some unique IB features.
  14. Fr0sT.Brutal

    RDP and RD Web deployment of Delphi VCL apps

    Delphi form modality is a mess of triangle-wheeled bicycles, not mentioning the application structure itself (app's window is not main form!). Probably all you can do is some checks and SetForegroundWindow calls
  15. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Delphi PAServer arm RPi compilation

    Mm, Lazarus?
  16. There's plenty of them, check the link in my signature. As for your trouble, likely you do something wrong. There's no big difference between strings and binary.
  17. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Indy OpenSSL static linking

    Static build is not popular on *nix systems so I doubt they will invest in this area
  18. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Resource string id range

    Hmm, quick search gave no results... I suspect this is not configurable. The only solution that comes to mind is to have string stubs specially intended for overriding. But the number of these strings must be kept aligned to those 3rd party RC's
  19. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Doscommand OnCharDecoding Output

    So Germans have OEM encoding as well! Not only non-latin locales still pulling that old-time mess
  20. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Delphi 11.1 - High DPI

    I too adopt a very old app to be DPI-aware and even on D7 scaling works pretty well. I just had to ensure AutoScroll is False, Scaled is True and Client H and W <> 0 and set the main font to system one. Several remaining glitches could be fixed by giving more space. However I don't use much of 3rd party controls. F.ex., I recall VirtualTreeView has had scaling issues for long long time.
  21. Unless delivery to your location costs twice as the book itself
  22. Fr0sT.Brutal


    If you need no SQL, you can use almost any implementation. Would be interesting to benchmark opensource options against commercial ones
  23. Fr0sT.Brutal


    Site is OK, I personally prefer old-school functionality over fancy whistles that require tons of JS and refuse to work on 1-yr old browsers because of some "cutting edge techs" used. The company seems alive, table gets updates, minimal sources cost $300 which is quite acceptable for the announced feature set. However, also consider alternatives like FireDAC, maybe DevExpress, or even opensource Zeos or RxMemDS depending on your needs.
  24. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadcast_address usually broadcast address has 255 in at least rightmost octet but it depends on subnet mask. Broadcast has all 1s in the right where subnet mask has 0s.